8 attractions at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Say Shopping I smile, Say dinner out I smile, Say Spa I smile … say HOLIDAY and I almost pass out with happines … This happens couple of times during the year and this time it happened for Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

I love Malaysia for holidays. Its beautiful and is probably one of the best for food in the world. They have diverse food options and meals offered are literally king size in portions. Shopping is great depending on which side of the country you are in and if beach holidays are an agenda one has options, just as much as if mountains are calling you have a couple of choices.

This time the mountains beckoned and the thought of being in the lap of nature was just what I needed. Sometimes it is good for the body, mind and soul to step out of the concrete jungles we live in and discover the goodness of nature and at the same time soak some of it in our otherwise mechanical systems.

So here I was in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and I think I can say that parts of it reminded me of Switzerland … yes that’s debatable but point is that the place is so beautiful and so picturesque that  I was transported to a mini heaven.

So here are some cool things to do in case you plan your next holiday at this hill station.

1. Explore Strawberry Farming

Strawberry farming is a thriving business in Cameron because of the weather which is so conducive for the production of this fruit. The farms are wide spread and some of them even grow salad vegetation and leaves. These farms are visually so beautiful that they reminded me of those pictures taken straight from story books. You can pluck strawberries by hand in some of these farms and load them in your basket or just eat them fresh.  I plucked the fattest and the darkest ones and boy what a fun experience it was !!!

Some of these farms also have inhouse cafes which offer very delicious spreads of strawberry dishes such Fried Ice creams with whipped cream and strawberries, strawberries with chocolate fondues, strawberry ice creams, strawberry ice teas, strawberry salads, cheesecakes etc etc.

The most popular farms are The Big Red Strawberry Farm in Brinchang and Raju Hill Starwberry Farm.

2. The Lush landscapes of Tea Plantations

A trip to this highland will be incomplete if you do not visit what it is famous for – Its TEA PLANTATIONS. They say looking at the colour Green is beneficial for the eyes and gazing at these vast landscapes did just that to me. The site is incredibly serene and calm. I visited the 2 most popular  plantations - Cameron Valley Tea Plantation and BOH Tea Plantation; here's how they were

Cameron Valley Tea Plantation (Bharat Tea Plantation)

Spread over a vast expanse of 1600 acres, Bharat Tea Plantation gives a fabulous view of the land where their tea is grown. Multiple green hills, lush green trees, a small waterfall at the bottom of the valley are just a few things one glimpses of this gorgeous plantation. They also have a steep walkway which allows tourists to see the tea leaves right before them.

They have a café where one can sit and enjoy their tea. The weather is so good that downing something hot seems just perfect. I had their freshly brewed ginger lemon tea which was heavenly.

They also have a store where they sell their house produced teas. For someone like me who enjoys tea in every flavour, this store was a complete fiesta with flavours like Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Masala, Blackcurrent, Lemon, Herbal all available for sale

The view of the plantation is something which words would not be enough to describe  Have a look at this picture and you will know exactly how it looks like.

BOH Tea Plantation

Boh is one of the leading tea plantations in Malaysia. Their have a factory situated within the plantation itself which is open to tourists. Here they get to see how tea is treated through various stages starting from raw leaves till final packaging of the produce.

They too have a store of their own where they sell an assorted variety of the teas they produce. A little ahead of this store is their café where I indulged in a Rose Lychee tea and  their house speciality TEA CHEESECAKE. The cafe directly overlooks their plantation. Needless to say good food coupled with good view is something most of us die for.

3. Visit Cameron Highland’s Agro Technology Park (MARDI).

This park houses some of the most beautiful flowers like lush roses and lavenders, plants & vegetation like Rosemary, Pineapple Mint and more exotic blooms like butterfly shaped vines and highland fruits.

4. Rose Valley - Post card Visuals

Located in Tringkap part of the Highland, this place houses over 400 varieties of Roses and other colourful flowers. I went into a state of exhilaration looking at exotic colours such as deep red, fuschia pink, peacock blue, peach and their multiple shades sitting happily in full blooms. The organic fragrance which radiated from these flowers, was oh so very spellbinding. Such natural, lively and beautiful colours coming together and emitting such gorgeous aromas made a stunning visual and the experience very overwhelming.

5. Visit the Butterfly Farm

My world outside of my house is surrounded by cemented roads, high rises, traffic and other typical urban entities. This concrete jungle makes simple visuals of nature, much rarer experiences.

How many people from cities last caught glimpses of beautiful, colourful butterflies? I walked into this Butterfly farm in Cameron and saw very pretty colours fluttering around me.

A huge expanse of flowers in batches of different colours was obviously a sight I was delighted to see.

6. Visit the Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm

A huge garden filled with Bee boxes, trees and flowers is what one can expect when they visit this place. They also have their own galleries where they sell honey items like bottles, honey sticks etc.

7. Visit the Lavender Garden

Its great to see flowers which inspire so many mists, humidiers, therapeutic oils, trends fashion, fragrances in the perfume industry and colours for different purposes; and Lavender is obviously one of them. Attached to this was a small gift shop selling Lavender items/ potted plants and a café selling lavender Ice – cream.

8. Cameron Highland Resort

This is the place I made my home for 4 nights and 5 days. One enters the resort and sees a stunning lobby with a very a quaint old - school decor. What I completely loved was the natural fragrance of the Lady of the Night trees that filled up the corridors by late evenings made this place just perfect for me. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone who plans on a vacation to the highland.

They have a fabulous High tea between 3 pm to 6 pm everyday where they serve the most exotic teas native to the region with items like strawberries, sandwiches, muffins and cheesecakes.

Steam Boat at Cameron Highlands Resort

Cameron is known for its Steam Boat food speciality. It is a food preperation where a flavoured broth (chicken, tom yum, vegetable – you choose) is served boiling in a massive steam bowl with a small gas stove placed underneath it, right on your table. You can choose from a variety of vegetables, noodles, meats etc. to put in this boiling broth. The veggies / meat take about 15 mins to cook and voila its ready to be consumed. You can season it with various herbs, sauces and spices. It’s a good idea to have Steam Boat for dinner since the weather in Cameron is always pleasant and particularly dips during the evening time.

I had brushes with beaches in my last few holidays and heading to some place cold and naturally beautiful was the most compelling criteria while choosing a holiday destination. Coming to a place like Cameron was again a giant reminder of  how amazingly abundant nature is and how much beauty it has to offer to mankind in forms of enchanting colours, rich flavours, stunning visuals and surreal experiences.

So guys if smelling some roses and sipping on some hot  tea is an agenda, do visit the lovely Cameron Highlands.

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