Wednesday, 30 December 2015

12 Restaurants To Celebrate New Years With Loved Ones

Holidays and New Year are all about spending time with family and loved ones. It’s the time to share the joys of the season and what could be better than celebrating the end of the year with a memorable meal?

Whether you're looking for a party scene full of revelers or a more romantic space to share a midnight Champagne toast with someone special, we've compiled a list of restaurants across major cities to usher in the New Years in style.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hosting the Perfect Dinner

You have painstakingly learnt new recipes, bought shiny new dinnerware and for once applauded the huge oven that takes too much space in your kitchen. Yes, New Year is coming and you can’t wait to host a delectable dinner and soak in the praise your friends shall shower on your culinary skills that can give hiccups to a masterchef. But doubts creep in as the time comes nearer- do you have everything you need to pull off that really flashy dinner party? What if early guests catch you while you are still stuffing the turkey or the flowers start wilting before the first guests arrive? Though the task itself is daunting, the answer lies in the finer details. We list such details to turn you into a party ninja…. or a perfect hostess depending on your personality :)

Here are our Top 5 ideas for Hosting a Perfect Dinner:

Friday, 25 December 2015

#ShramDaanDay A Unique Pan-India Initiative by Fevicol Champions Club

The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time and the very simple gestures are the ones that have the largest effects. Often we come across heart-warming examples set by everyday people that speak volumes about their selfless nature. We all in our little ways yearn to do something for the society and would love joining an initiative that would point us in the right direction. Recently, we came across a unique pan India community initiative by Fevicol that bonds over 42000 woodworkers and contractors to contribute labour. Intrigued by the scale and the benevolence of the initiative, we decided to familiarize ourselves with the initiative rightly called as “Shram Daan Divas”

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Setting up the perfect bar at home

With New Year on the horizon, a party is certainly on our to-do list and how we all wish we can have that home grown bar to entertain our guests and relatives and ahem! Show-off a bit as well :)

Now whether you are a rookie in making cocktails or have just started appreciated spirits or you have been mixing for years, we will help you set up that perfect home bar with all the essentials which will be both beautiful and inspirational.

Let’s start from how to actually arrange a bar followed by the must have essentials such as mixers, bar tools, cocktail books, spirits, glassware and garnishes. Regardless of the space you have at home, setting up a home bar isn’t as daunting as it may seem to be.

10 Under Rs. 500 Eating Joints in Delhi NCR

You may be a teenager, college goer, a homemaker or even an office-going white-collared executive, but you won’t be able to resist an offer which says—excellent food to your fill (well, for an average appetite) in a budget that won’t give you a heartburn!

Rejoice dear friends! Today Wicked Spoon Confessions is bringing out a list of some of the most popular joints in Delhi and Gurgaon where you can eat to your heart’s content without shelling out more than 500 bucks! Yes, you heard (read?) that right!

Well, without much ado, let’s dig into this yummy sounding list.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Top 5 Ways To Have Fun at The Leela Mumbai on Christmas & New Years

The holidays are a great time to get out and experience the joys of the holiday season together as a family. A hive of festivity, the Leela Mumbai offers a special Christmas and New Year experience not to be missed. Indulge in mouth-watering Indian and World cuisine as well as an amazing range of beautifully crafted gifts.

Below is our list of Top 5 things to do For Christmas and New Year for families at the The Leela Mumbai:

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

10 Traditional Must Have Kitchen Equipment

Every kitchen is hiding in it an old-redundant-sinister-looking appliance or an equipment—which has either lost its glory, or is replaced by its new techno rival. We can find some contemporary cousins or modern avatars of these age old traditional kitchen aids in every kitchen across country.

Indian kitchens don’t actually require very many fancy equipment for cooking or chopping, while some kitchen equipment never cease to fade away.

We decided to take a sneak peek into the modern households which are still going strong with these age old thingamajigs:

Monday, 14 December 2015

Lounge Review: Olive Bistro at Goregaon, Mumbai

Having danced away many nights at Olive Bar and Kitchen; Khar and enjoyed scrumptious brunches at the Mahalakshmi counterpart, the announcement of a new outlet inside the bustling Oberoi mall, left us curious. So we decided to check it out. Because when good food beckons a foodie follows (didn’t we just make up a quote here?)

Located on the top floor of the mall, the quaint and colorful entrance of Olive Bistro welcomes with a cheery vibe. Step inside and one notices a black matador standing proudly just behind the hostess station that shall soon start serving pizzas.

The Entrance

Makemytrip Introduces #AndamansCharter to Andaman Islands

Those who live in big cities like Bengaluru often lead very hectic lives. The regime of daily commute to work, battling traffic on the way, working hard for hours together and meeting deadlines make the desire of going on a vacation stronger than ever.

And what does one typically crave from a vacation? Air that calms your mind, vibes which refresh you, visuals which show you how beautiful the world is and of course food that transports you mentally to heaven and makes it a holiday to remember.

So if you wish to achieve all this within reasonable time and budget, then waste time no further. Just fix your next holiday destination as Andamans and be sure that you are in for a holiday of a lifetime!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Review: Craft Deli. Bistro. Bar at Kurla Marketcity

We walked across beautiful spiral wooden pillars and an open kitchen and spotted a perfect table set under Edison bulbs & bougainvillea at the newly opened restaurant- Craft at Kurla Marketcity. Once seated at the outdoor area, we noticed the lovely breeze and reached out excitedly for the menu divided into three neat sections-Deli, Bistro and Bar serving modern European delicacies. The open kitchen and bar were abuzz with activity with dishes being created and cocktails being crafted to set the mood for the evening.  Up-tempo music promised to keep the mood upbeat.

Having relished food at the other outlets of Bellona Hospitality (the fab people behind 212 All Day, Amaya & Sichuan House) we were eager to try their latest venture helmed by Chef Paul Kinny. On a little probing, he gave a little sneak peak into the thought behind the menu- modern yet simple dishes crafted to perfection using freshly sourced, handpicked ingredients…nice :)

Sunday, 6 December 2015

11 Popular Winter Delicacies

Ruffled in mufflers and snuggled in quilts, bone-breaking foggy chill—what on earth can be more comforting than a hot bowl of soup, piping-hot dimsums, stuffed vegetable paranthas, butter-goaded chicken. Steam swirling up to your nose in invitation already? You guessed that righ—it’s that time of the year when every household is busy stocking up the kitchen with soothing comfort food. It is the stocking time, not just for kitchen but our body too—to fight the chilling cold and its associated issues (flu, cough etc.) Personally, winter is our favourite season, for the yummy and finger-licking food it offers.

Though this season is loved by few and scorned by many, we are sure the comfort food listed below will soothe your soul and repose your brain to wade through the dark and gloomy winter season

So, here are 11 popular winter delicacies for tingling your taste buds:

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

American Food Festival and Thanksgiving at Nature’s Basket

Thanksgiving holds a special significance across the world. Made of two significant words- thanks and giving, this tradition reminds us to be thankful and to share and give our time and talents with other people who could use our help. The tradition of Thanksgiving gives us an enriched perspective on the abundance in our lives to be celebrated with family and friends. Celebrated widely across United States of America and other parts of the world, Thanksgiving is a special occasion calling for spending time with loved ones, a lavish traditional feast and feelings of gratitude. The mood across every household is jubilant and family reunions make the day very special. Also known as the time for feasting, the food made for this day is a special one, with carved turkey, a traditional pumpkin pie, butter mashed potatoes, salad and cranberry sauce served across most households. Gifts are exchanged and the holiday mood reaches the zenith with feasting on traditional favorites. A small prayer to say thanks is said around the dinner table, blending gratitude with abundance. We just love occasions which bring people closer and celebrate the better things in life over good food- a true symbol of love when words are inadequate.