Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Gift Options For Men in Our Lives

We all have special men in our lives. We are daddy’s little princesses; our Veerjis spoil us and better halves…we reign on their hearts. We can’t imagine life without dashing uncles, protective granddads and thoughtful boss/colleagues at work. In distinctive ways, they touch our lives and make every day a special one. So when that day comes which is special for these handsome people in our lives…we look forward to reciprocating with gifts for men. But wait…finding gifts for him is not an easy task. Many a times we have spent hours looking for that perfect gift and ended up buying similar stuff for all of them- an expensive tie, branded pen, costly watches, books and once when we feeling adventurous we even gifted a holiday (but to our disappointment the destination was not to the liking of the receiver). Now over the years imagine the ties in various colors hanging in your favorite ones closet lying untouched, watches being forgotten in the safe and pens being lost.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

5 Popular Chaat Houses in Delhi

One thing that has remained common for all people in Delhi has been their love for street food. North, South, East or West—no matter where the person has come from in Delhi (or even the original dilliwalas), one can’t stay away from the bustling Delhi’s street food scene.

Through this article, Wicked Spoon Confessions will take you through some of the most popular chaat houses in Delhi. A few may be new for you while you may have heard of some already. You may have tried the delicacies from some of the listed chaat houses here. There are numerous and maybe uncountable good chaatwallahs throughout Delhi and listing them here would be impossible, yet we will try to list some of the most popular and liked ones—identified out of own experience or from numerous recommendations we receive.

(Word of Caution: is not responsible for any damage to your device caused because of slurping and licking that you do while reading the article.)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

25th October - World Pasta Day

As we celebrate World Pasta Day on 25th October, Wicked Spoon Confessions serves up 15 facts on the delicious pasta.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

10 Ways of Organizing Kitchen with Modular Fittings

Organizing—may sound a cumbersome word for some lazy bones (including me). But when it comes to organizing a kitchen, I want it done once and forever. Indian kitchens have come a long way from open firewood chulah days to a modular facelift.

Modular kitchen fittings is a solution to so many nagging issues we face in the kitchen. This contemporary kitchen solution not only gives the kitchen a chic look but also harmonizes, neatens and helps in maximum utilization of space.

Two rules I follow while organizing my kitchen is:

1.    Keep stuff reachable and simple.
2.    Keep the counter tops or slabs neat and open.

Before we embark on the organizing journey make a mental picture, and divide your kitchen in sections— electronic gadgets, serving dishes, crockery, cooking utensils, grains and pulses, stove area, oils, spices and condiments etc. Let’s look at how these sections can be organized using the modular fitting options available in the market these days.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Reliability on online supermarkets - inversion of internet style shopping

Checkout latest offers on Grocery & Household items

The retail industry saw completely new shopping styles lately with the introduction of the online supermarkets. People earlier in this decade adopted to the online shopping styles and the market of online supermarkets and grocery stores was still untouched until the last few years. Recently with the big names getting introduced in this sector and competing with the traditional grocery stores and supermarkets, people readily accepted the concept and now rely on it for all their big and small needs. People have busy schedules and extra long work hours these days and in such a situation keeping in mind the things you need for your home and kitchen and buying them from the supermarkets every now and then is a tough task. In contrast to this, with the help of online supermarket Delhi, all you can do to buy the essential deliverables is to roam around the house and check everything to select the needed items and make a purchase.

Monday, 19 October 2015

10 Legendary Eating Houses in Delhi

Delhi—the eighth largest city in the world, boasts of a glorious legendary past. From Pandavas to Tomars, Mughals to British raj—it has witnessed the rise and fall of many a kingdoms and dynasties.

The city has over thousand monuments, and some age old and famous eating joints, which are a witness to this magnificent past. Food has always been a bonding factor of our social existence.

Many of us will swear by Karim ke kebab, Roshan di Kulfi, cakes by Wenger’s and filter coffee at Indian Coffee House. There are many a places in Dilli which have won a million hearts and we are planning to take you down the memory lane, to these unforgettable delectable depots of food. Some of these eating joints have seen the bond flourish with every passing generation.

Hunt for Aunt Shanaya’s Treasure

Forgetting is an art. And some people are gifted with this art just like aunt Shanaya. My favorite aunt, who spends hours usually wandering around looking for things-- sometimes her spectacles, other times her wallet; often the house keys and once her gold bangles!!!! Trust aunt Shanaya to come into a room looking for her misplaced valuables and getting us to join her search. As a kid I looked forward to her visits but dreaded that worried look on her face when she would realize something missing. In fact, my cousins and I never played “Treasure Hunt” during summer holidays…we indulged in “Hunt of Aunt Shanaya’s Treasure”.

Friday, 16 October 2015

The Best Time To Visit The Andaman Islands

The thought of travel makes me dreamy. Dreamy enough to think about faraway travels to unseen locations wandering about, away from the maddening city life. It's  October, and these happy thoughts have started urging me to plan a trip. Having heard a lot about The Andaman Islands have been on top of my "Must See Destinations" for a while now. Azure blue waters, waft slowly towards power white sandy beaches that boasts of golden sunsets. Tempted? Wait, there's more.