Saturday, 30 May 2015

Review: The new menu at South of Vindhyas, The Orchid- Mumbai

When South of Vindhyas at The Orchid, Mumbai celebrates its 15th birthday with a new menu, one should surrender to the temptation. And that is what we did. The restaurant that serves authentic coastal cuisine from the four southern states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Karnataka is one of the first South Indian specialty restaurant in Mumbai. Wicked Spoon Confessions was invited to relish the new menu that promised some new and delightful additions to the menu....and we relished and how J

The restaurant draped in traditional finery always reminds us of a decked up home in Southern India, ready to welcome guests. 

The beautiful traditional interiors at South of Vindhyas, The Orchid

Review: The Bento Box and à la Carte Japanese menu at Citrus, The Leela Mumbai.

I always wanted to visit Japan. Especially during Hanami- Japan's cherry blossom festival that celebrates the blooming of numerous cherry blossom (sakura) trees during the months of March and May. It’s a beautiful time where people gather to enjoy food and drink, play games, sing and dance under blossom-laden branches with friends and families to reminiscence old memories or make new. So when, The Leela Mumbai invited us to celebrate this colorful festival with a specially crafted menu in our bustling city, off we went happily. Nothing like experiencing the bonhomie of the festival so close to our home. And did we feel good cheer all around us? Read on to know more.

We love the lobby at The Leela Mumbai with its polished marble floors, beautiful fresh flower arrangements, carved pillars and the tall ceiling. After taking quick selfies (girls are very selfie-ish you see: D) we turned left to enter Citrus- the vibrant 24X7 restaurant located at lobby level. We settled down comfortably at a well-laid table and saw several guests enjoying the daily lunch buffet. Our eyes settled at the Japanese counter decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms, exotic Japanese ingredients and a few high chairs. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Review: Persian Darbar in Byculla, Mumbai

What you See - Nostalgia mingled with my hunger pangs as we drove past the Jijamata Udyan Zoo, en-route to Persian Darbar, Byculla. Handing over the car to the prompt valet service, we stepped inside and encountered people happily savoring delicacies in the comfortable but basic seating area. Upstairs, the scenario changed completely with mosaic-tiled glasswork, huge paintings depicting mosques and bright curtains lapping gently in the air-conditioned breeze. In a separate enclosure, we could also see a private dining area with low seating where a group was enjoying a hearty meal. Winding staircase announced more seating areas a level up.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Enjoy Tropicana Slice Alphonso - The King of Mangoes in a bottle

Go on and admit it. We love mangoes. We love them so much that secretly, we look forward to the scorching summers to welcome the lush, golden and delicious- Mango, the food of Gods. And we all have a wonderful mango memory that surfaces every time the sweet tropical aroma of mangoes announce the arrival of happy times. In summers, after a long day at work we often cut open a juicy and delicious mango and escape to an imaginary tropical island, blissful no? Apart from being tasty mangoes are loaded with goodness- vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants too.  

Alphonso Mangoes

Friday, 15 May 2015

10 popular Italian restaurants in Mumbai city

My Aunt smitten with anything remotely even Italian, loved to cook and host parties. In each party she would quote - “A tavola non si invecchia.” or “At the table with good friends and family you do not become old.” As a reminder of her vivacious spirit, I always choose the Italian way –a table filled with Italian food and wine surrounded by la famiglia.

Wicked Spoon Confessions shares 10 Popular Italian restaurants for you and your loved ones to celebrate. Sit back with a bottle of red or a bottle of white as per your mood tonight and enjoy.

Friday, 8 May 2015

10 Popular Romantic Restaurants in India

When someone talks of love and romance, the first place that comes to our mind is Agra’s Taj Mahal, the epitome of love. The second thing would be a romantic date night in an ambience so perfect that it's as magical as watching the Taj Mahal on a full moon night. Ah, already dreaming about it? Wicked Spoon Confessions list 10 popular romantic restaurants in India for a perfect date.
  1. Mughal Room, Agra:
    Image courtesy of  Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra
    The next best thing to visiting Taj itself is to take your loved one on a date for a fine dining experience overlooking the Taj. To do that, there is no better way than to book a table for two at the Mughal Room in Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra.  This multi-cuisine restaurant is situated on the hotel’s rooftop, which provides a clear view of the Taj Mahal and the magnificent Agra Fort. The Mughal Room serves you with Mughlai, Chinese and Continental cuisines, which are complemented with different beverages. You can spend a beautiful evening here enjoying the company of your better half, the delectable food and in-house live Ghazal sessions serving as the cherry on the cake—all on the backdrop of the Taj Mahal.
    (Average cost for two Rs. 2500/-approx) 

Review- Sunday Buffet at the Newly Opened JW Cafe at JW Sahar.

On a bright Sunday afternoon, we stepped into the opulent lobby of JW Sahar and looked around awestruck. Swarovski crystal chandeliers glistened as natural light poured into the high ceilinged lobby designed with metal and glass elements. We walked on the polished marble floor and paused at the entrance of JW Cafe to take a quick picture. We are happy we did that. Because afterwards we forget everything. Everything but happiness and a lingering pleasure that good food brings. We are talking about the much talked about Sunday brunch spread at the newly opened JW Café at JW Sahar. We had seen many pictures on our Instagram feed but nothing had prepared us for the celebrations that unravel every Sunday at JW Café. 

The newly opened JW Cafe at JW Sahar. 

Review- Lebanese Food Festival at Sofitel Mumbai BKC with Chef Maher Omran

I almost gasped as I stepped out of the airport. Beautiful mountains surrounded me and the crisp air promised me a fantastic time ahead. I was on a business trip to Beirut, the beauty of which has to be experienced by everyone at least once. Yes, my mom was flipping out and I was skeptical too but my visit in 2009 was uneventful and peaceful. I spent three days watching beautiful women belly dance with unbelievable grace, laughter mingling on tables filled with delicious and copious amounts of food, drinking arak and soaking in the beauty marred with signs of war and eating hearty breakfasts, big lunches and even heavier dinners. Often seen as a blend of Europe​​an and Middle Eastern cooking, Lebanese cuisine is globally appreciated and includes abundance of starches, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fish and grilled meats and is truly a feast for the senses. Travelling to Beirut is not on our cards for a while now but the next best thing we do is to indulge in the cuisine whenever we want to reminiscence the wonderful time we had there.

So when Sofitel invited us to experience Chef Maher Omran’s unique gastronomy style in Lebanese cuisine we just couldn’t resist. Drawing inspiration from both Lebanese & Syrian cooking, Chef Maher’s expertise is well known, we just had to sit back and savor it to believe it. And did we end up having a good time? Ah, read a little more to know.

Chef Maher Omran at Pondicherry Cafe, Sofitel BKC

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

10 popular Mexican joints in Mumbai city

When you get served large batter fried Chilies stuffed with cheese or meat (Chilies Renellos, a Mexican favorite) for main course, either you are in Mexico or relishing food at a Mexican restaurant. This zesty cuisine is a fiesta of flavours and favors native ingredients like corn, beans and chili peppers along with Spanish influences like variety of lean meats, cheese and fresh herbs. The Mexicans love dishes made in robust sauces and add salsa or a pickled chili on the side in absence of it. If your tongue can take a little heat we urge you to try this amazing cuisine and calm your taste buds with a chilled margarita or in hand.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Review: The Hanami inspired Spring-Summer’15 menu at Guppy Pop Up, Olive Mahalaxmi

“In the cherry blossom’s shade there’s no such thing as a stranger” a beautiful line penned by Japanese poet, Kobayashi Issa. We experienced similar warm vibes and conversations in Mumbai, while relishing the summer menu at the Guppy Pop Up at Olive, inspired by the Cherry Blossom Festival. One of Japan’s oldest custom also called as Hanami celebrates the blossoming of cherry trees and arrival of spring.

What you see-
Walk down a white-pebbled courtyard that doubles up as an al-fresco area with neatly laid out comfortable seating sprinkled with potted plants and interesting ceramics. We chose a sofa seating in the stylish and air-conditioned interiors to escape Mumbai heat. A few tables on the opposite side are by arched windows that overlook the stables. The table setting is cozy with an edible candle stand (yes, you heard that right) made with sugar, butter and cream, table mats with origami instructions and knick-knacks. 

The table setting at the Guppy Pop up.