Thursday, 29 January 2015

Review: Keep Calm, Grab a Cocktail & Unwind with Cocktail Hours at Yauatcha, Mumbai

“Cocktails, because no great food story ever started by eating a salad,” quipped my partner in crime. "Its 5 pm, my teatime." I looked at my watch pointedly. We were outside Yauatcha in Bandra Kurla Complex, the favorite destination of corporate bigwigs. Suddenly, it struck me. There are over 24 varieties of tea at this Michelin star dim sum teahouse, enough to find my perfect cuppa. Did I drink tea? I surely did, but with a dash of vodka!!! Surprised? Read on J

What You See:
Yauatcha is a two level treat with desserts displayed downstairs, a huge…lemme correct that.... a really huge bar, communal table and seating area upstairs. The huge space exudes a modern vibe with dreamy ambience lighting, sophisticated seating and unbeatable views of sunset. Dark wood, glass and mood lighting mingle to make you comfortable. An aquarium adds to the vibe and one sees a busy open kitchen. We saw people relishing luscious dim sums and sipping tea from delicate china cups.

The Communal Bar at Yauatcha, Mumbai.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Do You Chinese? A list of all time favorite Chinese Restaurants in Mumbai.

It’s easy to spot foodies that love Chinese cuisine. They are everywhere. A few relish it at fine dine restaurants for an authentic experience while others can’t get enough of the greasy version served by the street food magicians across the city of Mumbai. Recognized as one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Chinese food made in roads in the Indian culinary world roughly around 85 years back and settled in our happy tummies. It’s loved by all- the affluent “Ladies who Lunch” club, kids, my 60-year-old aunt who doesn't cook on Wednesday because the neighboring Chinese take out gives an extra soup on every order…and Yours Truly.  

There are roughly more than 2500 Chinese restaurants inMumbai and its tough to pick favorites. From stand-alone restaurants that tantalize our taste buds with a wholly unique Indo-Chinese adaption or the authentic experience served at 5 stars, we are spoilt for choice. We attempted to list a few popular Chinese restaurants in Mumbai that will comfort you with their masala-fied gravies that we Indians love.

Royal China- serving an unbeatable combination of traditional and contemporary Cantonese cuisine, Royal China has been delighting foodies in South and North Mumbai, alike. The interiors are posh and the service is excellent. The dim sums are highly recommended and do not leave without enjoying a platter of their crispy aromatic duck. Step into the flagship outlet located near Sterling Cinema or the one in Bandra, the menu and the experience delights you, equally. Royal China boasts of a notable wine list and gets crowded on weekend. Prior reservations are recommended and valet parking is available.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Secret Recipes of Khansamas shared by Chef Jeewan of Maya, Trident Bandra Kurla's Indian Restaurant.

Recently I dined on 200 year old recipes of Khansamas of Rampur, Awadh, Punjab and Hyderabad at Rivaayat Festival held at Maya, Trident Bandra Kurla. The heady aromas and superior taste of dishes made it a culinary experience. You can read about it here

Chef Jeewan has shared two amazing recipes with wicked spoon confessions. Go ahead and enjoy a royal treat with someone you love.

Review: Ssshhh! The secret recipes of Khansamas are being served at Trident Bandra Kurla's Rivaayat Festival. Are you going?

Some tastes are impossible to forget.  During my childhood, a Kashmiri neighbor’s granny used to make an amazing kebab recipe. Painstakingly, she stuffed orange segments into minced mutton kebabs and fried them crisp. As we gorged on them with childlike innocence, she often asked us to slow down and savor the taste. “It’s a recipe by famous Khansamas". The word sounded mysterious. And royal. But above all, the kebabs tasted like heaven. Time passed and I tried my best to take the recipe from her but she refused.  “It’s a family secret,” she reiterated at my umpteenth attempt. Memories fade. And come back. Always. This one came back, when a platter of succulent and luscious kebabs was placed in front of me at the Rivaayat Festival at Maya, Trident Mumbai’s signature Indian restaurant.

What You See
Maya, a Sanskrit word for illusion, envelops you in its warmth of red and gold interiors. Subtle lighting, huge mirrors and statues add a contemporary touch and strike a balance to the traditional fare served from the busy kitchen of Chef Himanil Khosla. We spotted a pretty hostess welcome us warmly. The table setting is excellent and uncluttered, and place cards were a nice touch. Most of the tables were occupied with people of different ethnicities. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw servers moving in and out of a very busy kitchen.

The Pretty Hostess!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

The 2015 Koli Seafood Festival at Mumbai- a feast for your senses

"Woh Mele Mein Jana Hai Na?" asked my rickshaw driver. I nodded. He zoomed passed the busy Versova traffic on a friday evening, synonymous with the suburb of Andheri in Mumbai. Delectable fish aroma tingled our nostrils a km before we reached the lit up entrance that announced our destination in bold letters. We had taken the Mumbai Metro to reach Versova in flat 20 mins from Ghatkopar and landed in a fiesta that will leave us wanting for more.

Organised annually since the last nine years, this 3 day foodie extravaganza is not be missed. It celebrates the traditions and cultures of Mumbai's oldest inhabitants- the Koli community. Song and dance mingle with people relishing several varieties of seafood delicacies from their favorite stalls. We recommend you take a look first and decide from over twenty varieties of fish like- Surmai, Pomfret, Basa, Tuna, Shellfish, Mandeli and our own -Bombil aka Bombay Duck. We sat down to eat at stall number 13, that had huge varieties of gravy preparations. Everything was finger licking good and cheaper than restaurants, but no bargaining was being encouraged. Try and charm the Kolis at your own risk :)

WickedSpoonConfessions fought crowds to take some yum pictures, but see them at your own risk. You might just head to the Koli Food Festival after seeing them. WickedSpoonConfessions is now on Youtube too, do have a look :-)

The Vibrant Decor!