8 exclusive and enjoyable candle light dinner ideas

Real Love is based on respect, compromise, trust, moonlit walks and...... Candle Light Dinners. So whether you are basking in the glow of a new romance or rekindling a seasoned one, candle light dinners always help you connect with your loved one.

Wicked Spoon Confessions lists 8 exclusive and enjoyable candle light dinner ideas for an unforgettable, intimate and romantic evening to celebrate precious moments and occasions in your life

The Love Boat:
Experience a romantic candlelight dinner on a private cruise sipping on tipple of choice while enjoying the view of a spectacular sunset. The cool breeze and soothing sound of birds and water will intensify your escapade.

Here are some popular destinations for a romantic cruise:
Image courtesy Orange County Resorts and Hotels Ltd

Cave in to best times:
The next time you are in Wayanad (Kerala), head for a romantic cave dinner at the Edakkal Hermitage.
The caves at Edakkal considered as one of the earliest settlement of human beings on earth will be the perfect host to a perfect evening.

For more info visit: http://edakkal.com/

Image courtesy Edakkal Hermitage

Up the Faraway Tree House:
Have a magical candlelight dinner on a Tree House amidst a forest during a Safari stay at the Tree House Hideaway (Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve). This is a wonderful setting for soft conversations and quality time and perhaps more memorable than spotting the elusive striped star.

For more info visit: http://www.treehousehideaway.com/photogallery.html 

Image courtesy Tree House Hideaway

Spill the beans at a Coffee Estate:
Enjoy a private 4 course candle light dinner during a romantic getaway at the Windflower Resort and Spa, (Wayanad) nestled in 25 acres of lush coffee estate. The panoramic vista will surely inspire you for some intimate conversations.

For more info visit: http://www.thewindflower.com/coorg/dining.html

Image courtesy Windflower Resort and Spa

Beach Camp for the Royals:
Experience a romantic evening the way the royals did by indulging in romantic candle light barbeque at the private beach of Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi (Kutch). The sunset at this beach is breathtaking and so will your evening.

For more info visit: http://www.mandvibeach.com/beach_camp.html 

Image courtesy The Beach At Mandvi Palace.

Ride out to the Castle:
Be a knight in shining armor as you court your princess at this castle built in Victorian Gothic Revival style at a romantic candle Light Dinner overlooking the Himalayas.

For more info visit: http://www.thehimalayan.com/ 

Image courtesy The Himalayan

Hold the Fort:
Forts have always captivated our minds with the many stories we hear about these majestic structures. But the ones we always choose to remember are the ones of Kings and Queens and their romances. A candle light dinner under the cool starry sky at the Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli - Alwar (Rajasthan) will set your heart on fire.

For more info visit: http://the-hill-fort-kesroli.neemranahotels.com/feast 

Image courtesy Neemrana Hotels
Image courtesy Neemrana Hotels

Timelessness at the Sand Dunes:
Sitting down on a sand dune in the heart of the Thar Desert, you can probably hear nothing but throbbing hearts breaking the silence as you enjoy a candle light dinner at the Samsara Luxury Desert Camp, Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

For more info visit: http://www.samsaradechu.com/desert_dining.html 

Image courtesy Samsara Luxury Resort and Camp

If you’re bored of the monotony, try these ideas. You will most definitely end up having a lot of fun with each other or you can let us know your idea which creates a memorable essence of romance in the comments section.


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