Making a Memory With the Home Store Section at Flipkart.

“Marriages may be made in heaven…but on planet earth, your relationship surely needs constant nurturing.” thought Ria as she prepared dinner for Ajith. The first few months of their marriage had been very exciting as they set up their new life and Ajith was a thoughtful guy who took good care of her. But it was Ria, who was the romantic one between the two and she loved adding a sparkle to their daily lives by making impromptu dinner plans, learning innovative dishes, planning travels and sending texts in the middle of a very busy day. Ajith reciprocated by participating in all her plans with gusto as his busy schedule as an investment banker left him little time to engage in social activities.

Ria glanced at her cellphone and suddenly remembered. Gosh!! Ajith’s birthday was less a week away and she had promised that she would make it special for him. Hectic work schedule and household duties had taken precedence over her promise. Frantically, she started going over ideas in her head. Should she buy a special gift? But then the best gifts come from the heart and not the store, right? A dinner reservation in a fancy hotel? Nah, not special. Ria started flicking through the pictures on her cell phone and stumbled upon her favorite one that had a smiling Ajith mixing a cocktail as he chatted with the bartender. Even when they were dating, Ajith loved trying new cocktails and spoke about mixology a lot. He always had a knack of pairing the right wine with the food she ordered and spoke about entertaining his guests with personally crafted cocktails. Ah, wait!! If Ajith was unable to go to a mixologist to learn why not bring the mixology to him? Ria had started working in the hospitality industry recently and quickly called one of her contacts that free-lanced as a bartender at house parties. He readily agreed. That evening Ria tried hard to hide her smile when Ajith came home from a long day at work

The next couple of days passed in a jiffy and Ria excitedly looked forward to the day when she would see the surprised look of happiness on Ajith’s face. She had also called a few close friends who would come over after the mixologist left to enjoy dinner and special cocktails crafted by Ajith, himself. That evening she headed to the bookstore and bought a book on the art of mixology so that she could participate in the session too...wasn't she the better half?:)Very soon Ajith would be crafting classics like Mojito, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, her favorite- Lemon Margarita and Mai Tai in the comfort of their home. She flipped open the book and slumped back on the couch. Staring back from the pages of the book were beautiful bar accessories and bar essentials. Though the mixologist had assured to bring his own bar set for the session, what about the party afterwards? She had promised her guests a gala time with good food and excellent cocktails but had totally ignored the basics.

She grabbed her car keys but decided it was a bad idea. It was past 9 pm and the mall would close soon. Panic struck her as she remembered that she was in a client meeting the whole day next day and stepping out would be impossible. She started fiddling with her cellphone and suddenly remembered her friend Pooja had received a package at office today from Flipkart. Gingerly, she logged on to the site and the page opened in a jiffy. Good sign. She went through the neat categorization of products and the easy interface but was still unsure. Being a traditional shopper, Ria believed in personally checking the products she wanted to buy and then there was always the niggling thought about safety measures undertaken by online companies. She glanced through an awesome collection of books, clothes, shoes and a new section titled “"The Home Store"that had home furnishings, Kitchen appliances, dinnerware, home décor and….bar accessories and glassware. She almost cried out in joy. She clicked on the section and was taken in to the world of brilliant bar accessories- bar sets, wine glasses, wine coolers, ice buckets and cocktail glasses- all that she would need to make Ajith’s day a special one was under one roof.At a click of a button. She had to only raise a finger and a genie would deliver it safe and sound to her doorstep within 48 hours.

Ria selected a beautiful Chevyo bar setthat had a beautiful cocktail shaker, wine chiller, ice bucket, strainer, opener, measuring glass and a bar stand- perfect to make cocktails in the comfort of your home. Priced at INR 1699 it was a steal deal.

The Beautiful Chevyo Bar Set from the Flipkart Home Store Section.

Next, she selected a setof glassesto serve icy cold margaritas on a hot day. As she added them to her shopping cart, she remembered their first date where they had chatted well past midnight over lemon margaritas. What more? Yes, they will definitely be popping champagne to celebrate. She searched for appropriate glasses to serve champagne to the guests and came across a set of She was happy to read that they could be used to serve chilled wine too, perfect for setting a romantic table as a surprise.

Margarita Glasses and Flute Glasses from the Home Store Section at Flipkart

She quickly read the reviews posted by satisfied customers and swallowed her apprehension. There is always a first time, right? She placed the order and quickly enough an sms and an email summarized her purchase. Very handy, she observed. That night Ria slept peacefully dreaming of the special day that would soon become a beautiful memory for them.

Six months have passed and Ria still cannot forget the look of happiness on Ajith’s face on his birthday.

Ajith is all Smiles with his Perfect Birthday Gift

The party was a big hit but her favorite part of the day was when he crafted a special cocktail and named it after her. Sometimes he even gets home early and keeps a margarita ready for her, just the way she likes it.

Pouring a Chilled Drink With His Personal Set of Bar Accessories. 

Ajith Loves Keeping a Cocktail Ready for Ria After a Hectic Day at Work.

He proudly tells his friends how much pain she went through to make his birthday perfect for him and she smiles as she remembers how Flipkart had saved the day!

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