Review: Enjoy the Dimsum Festival at Spices in JW Marriott, Mumbai. Enjoy a Charming Cantonese Custom Closer to Home.

Did you know “Dimsum” when literally translated means ‘To Touch Your Heart”? Or that these bite-sized wonders are linked to the Chinese tradition of "yum cha”? And their history dates back to ancient China? 

Okay, we admit. We admit that we too knew this after we were invited to the dimsum festival at Spices, JW Marriott’s, specialty Oriental restaurant. Armed with these tit bits about the dimsum history, we crossed the lovely marble foyer to step into a world of candles, fresh orchids and…. dimsums. Why were we excited? Because a new chef, loads of hot steamed dimsums and conversations while sipping wine can get us as excited as a chocoholic in Hershey’s factory.  So here is how we enjoyed a charming Cantonese custom much closer to our home in Mumbai.

We sat down and sipped white wine as we waited for the bite-sized pockets that originated to provide sustenance to travellers along with their tea in Southern China. A beautifully set table had a variety of dips that would serve as great accompanists to the hot assorted delicacies.

The Dips at Dimsum Festival 

We started by sampling an array of dimsums served in traditional bamboo steamer baskets. First up was the Shiitake Mushroom dumpling-delicious but we loved the Wild Mushroom Crystal dumpling more. With its translucent cover and balanced taste it was definitely a favorite. The Truffle Edamame dumplings were a beautiful sight with its neat green bags and smooth edamame flavours (unripe green soybeans). I am not a fan of Edamame and was surprised when I reached out for seconds.

Shiitake Mushroom Dumpling.

The Truffle Edamame Dumpling. 

Next came the Prawn Hargav, made with succulent prawns and green onions. These dimsums are a little difficult to make, as the outer cover requires delicate handling. 

Prawn Hargav

The Prawn & Chicken Sui Mai dimsums were similar to what we have tasted at other places. An open-faced dumpling, the Prawn and Crab dimsum broke the monotony with its pretty green cover, flavours of chives and a caviar topping.

Open-faced Prawn and Crab dimsum

Want to experiment? Go for the Spinach rolls with prawn and water chestnut, healthy spinach replaces the doughy outer cover and served with a flavorful black bean sauce, these elevates the dimsum experience. We ended the meal with sticky rice with prawn and chicken in lotus leaf but could not do justice as we were stuffed J

Sticky rice with prawn and chicken in lotus leaf

We tapped our fingers…how could wicked spoon confessions leave without desserts? But wait. We were here for dimsums. But we got our dessert, a Chocklet Bon dumpling with a soft centre filled with gooey chocolate was placed in front of us.

The sweet temptation dimsum- Choklet Bon!

Having had a variety of dimsums, we kicked our heels to sit back and savour the taste and indulge in banter with fellow foodies. 

Do you dimsum? Me does some :)


The dimsums served at the festival are authentic and have a good balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian selection. Chef Tenzin Khechok is a very passionate chef.  So passionate that he insists on making fresh dimsums every day and all the orders are personally picked up by him. He has no qualms about making you wait as he crafts the perfect dimsums bursting with flavours. One can chose dimsums as per their varied tastes in fried, steamed and pan fried preparations. The dimsum week at Spices ended in the first week of March, but guests can enjoy the dimsums as a part of the regular menu. So head to the breezy juhu bylanes to enjoy a Cantonese custom in Aamchi Mumbai.

JW Marriott 
Juhu Tara Road,
Mumbai- 400049

Call- 022 66933000


  1. Damn! You made me so hungry.
    I love dimsums and ur pics and ur post has got me craving :D
    Great post and the pics are so perfect
    Dimsums are true to their meaning and touch ur heart :D


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