Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review: Share your love of Good Food with Indigo Deli's newly launched, Deli Community Menu.

"Conversations are better with soup and there is no stress where there are desserts" someone chimed. We all nodded. It was a monday evening. A community of food lovers had braved monday blues and descended at Indigo Deli in Bandra West to sample the "Deli Community Menu". Loud banter, multiple camera clicks, laughter and good times, Yus! it was all happening here.

The menu on the table announced five courses and a choice of beverage pitcher. I glanced at the choices available and noticed that each course had enough variety to please even the pickiest eater. We tried the Virgin Sangria but it was not up to our liking. The server suggested Virgin Watermelon and Basil Mojito- muddled fresh watermelon pieces and distinct flavor of basil made this our favorite. 

The Refreshing Watermelon and Basil Mojito 

Cake Mixing and Posing with Gingerbread House at Ramada Powai, Mumbai

I sat with my arms folded, listening in rapt attention.  As a kid, I loved stories. Real life was boring. Very boring. But not stories. No early morning school or homework in my stories.  I would play with Alice one day or bunked school and rested in a gingerbread house. I was five years old and it was nearing Christmas time. My cute teacher was telling us a story about Hansel and Gretel and their escape from the gingerbread house they chanced upon in the woods. I hated the witch but loved the idea of living in a house made of gingerbread.

Few years passed (No, I wont tell u how many exactly or you guys will do the math and know my age :D) and Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre, located at Powai invited me for a fun evening of cake mixing and to experience the 9 foot tall gingerbread house. Cake mixing is a popular ceremony in the West and many hotels in India invite their guests to partake in this fun activity as well. What I love most about is that it unites the staff, guests and food lovers and the lovely smell of holidays in the air.  I stepped into the lobby and noticed the heavenly smell of baked cookies, vanilla and cinnamon and various other ingredients neatly laid out on a table and behind it stood the gingerbread house- straight from my childhood stories. Walls made with gingerbread bricks, Parle G biscuit roof and decorated with sugary sweet gems and chocolate sticks, it was a beautiful sight. Beautiful enough, to lure anyone to step in and enjoy the delectable aromas. "How do you keep this 11 feet wide house together?" I quizzed? "With icing", they replied and I almost giggled in delight. I just had to take a picture with it- childhood memories, sake :)

The Gingerbread House- fond memories of childhood!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review: An Evening Under Stars at Skky, Ramada Powai’s Signature Restro Lounge.

What You See-
"It’s nice to see pictures of dishes before you order” chimed my friend. I nodded absently. He continued his banter. I kept nodding. I was too preoccupied gazing with a faraway look at the clear sky. And I was in Mumbai. Intrigued? Read on to know more J

Step into the Al-fresco space at Skky and one sees a long bar, open kitchen and comfortable seating. The bright red “Ramada” signage glows in the dark. The setting is beautiful with water bodies, real plants lit with colorful lights and candlelight placed on tables. The day we visited, the entrance was twinkling with white fairy lights.

The twinkling Skky entrance. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Review: Sofitel, Mumbai unravels Malaysian Magic Food Festival at Pondichéry Café

Several heads turned. Together. The famous “Malaysia, Truly Asia” song was being performed at the Sofitel Mumbai’s Malaysian Magic Food Festival..... in Hindi. Wow! What a heart stealing moment it was for all. The evening that began with a scintillating performance by Briged Seni Melaka, the Malaysian Dance Troupe and ended with us relishing a lavish spread of authentic Malay creations had many highlights.

The Scintillating Performance