Review: Mamagoto Restaurant introduces Snazzy Cocktail Shakers and Signature meals in a Bowl this Winter!

“Excuse me, but I need to talk to you about Mamagoto” said a heavy voice. I froze. I half turned and with one eye on my Green apple cocktail shaker, I stole a look towards the gentleman seated in the corner table. I hesitated. It was a matter of choosing conversation over cocktail. “I am foodie and I want to talk to you” he insisted. Intrigued, I walked towards him. I meant to make small talk and go back to those yum looking cocktail shakers. It was nearing weekend and after a week long of talking through business meetings, I preferred solitude and good food. But, I stayed. Long enough, to connect with a fellow foodie, Vishal (a lawyer by profession) but not so long enough to know more about him. But the scene was set for a beautiful evening sprinkled with conversations and cocktails at Mamagoto, the fun and quirky Pan Asian restaurant.

Shake that Cocktail, baby!

Mamagoto, which means “To Play with Food”, is widely known for its quirky décor and affordable Pan Asian cuisine spanning global flavors. We were invited to enjoy new seasonal additions on the winter menu. Did we have foodie fun? Read more to know.

Vishal, a Foodie I met enjoys his Fav Dessert.

Seated at a cozy table with a window flanked by red curtains, I went through the menu and I sighed. I knew.I just knew, I would overeat.

The Lovely Table for Two!

How does one pick favorites amongst signature bowls like “Hot China Bowl” or“Spicy Chicken Bangkok Bowl”!!! How does one not try the hot and delicious “Shinjuku Miso” (Traditional Japanese Miso soup) that wintry evening or enjoy the succulent “Smoky BBQ Pork Belly Bowl”???But life is full of difficult choices.Adding to the foodie fun are innovative cocktail shakers that arrive at your table along with fresh fruits and served in shot glass. For a salivating price of INR 899/- one gets to choose from four specially designed rum, whisky or vodka shakers and customize it with your choice of flavors.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, picked up by fork and succumbed to my inner foodie. I tried everything that evening and found it impossible to pick favorites, but i did pick one in the end. No i wont tell u right away :) The balance of flavors enhanced by fresh ingredients used in the signature bowls, which were wholesome, simple, and tasty-to-the-last -morsel were a delight.

I dug into the Smoky BBQ pork belly bowl, that had Pork belly skewers served with sticky rice, topped with a double fried egg and pok choy and baby corn stir-fry on the side. The skewers were succulent and the sticky rice flavorful. A must try if you are a pork lover.

Smoky BBQ pork belly bowl

My order of Green Apple Vodka Shaker arrived with some fresh fruits and shot glasses. Rewinding to the moment before I had settled down for a chat with Vishal, I had noted the bartender squeezing some fresh green apple juice. I took my first sip. My inner foodie rose and did a little jig before kicking away pointy heels and settling back with a satisfactory sigh.

The Green Apple Vodka Shaker

Hot China Bowl

The "Hot China bowl" that had glass noodles in a home-style broth of red chilies,schezuan pepper, green beans, sesame seeds and momos with prawn crackers on the side. A bit on the spicier side but delectable, no less.

The "Shinjuku Miso", a Traditional Japanese Miso soup with soba noodles, silken tofu and seaweed comes with a serving of vegetable or prawn tempura and a side of gomai salad as per your choice. A few might find the seaweed taste a bit challenging, but who’s scared of foodie challenges? :)

Shinjuku Miso Soup.

The “Spicy Chicken Bangkok Bowl” is inspired by “Bai ka pao”, a known Thai dish but replaces pork with minced chicken on a bed of rice flavored with select Thai herbs and spices.

The Spicy Chicken Bangkok Bowl

All those spices made me crave for my second drink and I signaled the bar. This time I participated in the cocktail making and made a mean VojitoMuddle a few green chilies, lime wedges, mint leaves add vodka and top up with fresh orange juice, to cut the pungent taste. Voila, the drink is served!!

Vojito, is served.

What I tasted next made me stop mid sentence. I had scooped a spoon of “Thai Army in a Bowl” with a nonchalance of a foodie who has had Thai food many a times. A humble soup made with reduced coconut milk and noodles, topped with bean sprouts and served with barbecued chicken skewers, it spreads a warmth that radiates from your taste buds and spreads to your tummy. I had found my favorite.

Thai Army In a Bowl, My Favorite.

I took a break from non-vegetarian food and tried “Straight up beans” that hadlong beans stir-fried with garlic, red chilies and yellow bean paste. Crunchy and fresh, one can order these a nice side dish.

Straight Up Beans.

As i picked the last of the crunchy long bean, I convinced Chef Joshua to share a recipe with me. He agreed. I was ecstatic! Wicked spoon will put it up as soon as we get it.

The winter menu is warm, inviting and delectable and uses fresh seasonal ingredients. We liked that there were ample option for a veg lover too- Hot China Bowl, Miso Soup and Thai Army in a Bowl can be relished by a vegetarian.We walked around the beautiful and peaceful Kalaghoda lanes that evening to dine at Mamagoto. One can choose between their other branches as per convenience. Do call ahead, as this was a preview and is to be launched soon. Take a loved one along or dine in solitude for you might come back with a foodie story of your own:)