Review: My perfect meal of lip smacking continental cuisine at Indigo Deli shared with my favorite girl.

“Oooh! I miss Indigo Deli in Singapore,” my friend murmured as we wandered around in R City Mall. I looked at her, my ears all perked up for her next line- “But, I miss you more”. Nada. Nothing, she just smiled at me. It was a Friday evening and I was meeting my gorgeous friend- Dipika, who has shifted base to Singapore. “Lets have dinner here,” she said and I readily agreed.

We stepped into the spacious and elegant interiors. The multi level seating lets you choose between high tables set against huge glasses overlooking the mall or cozy centrally placed tables. Soft and warm lights played on wood and copper elements to create very good ambience.

Once seated, the server presented us with a set menu that comprised of a first course, main course and dessert. One needs to choose the beverage separately. We chose a Bloody Mary each. Garnished with a celery stick and a salt rim, the cocktail was perfect. A good start!! 

A Perfect Cocktail 

Next we tried the Grilled Vegetable Salad and Caesar Salad with bacon. The vegetables were fresh and the bacon crisp- nice, but I would have loved a little more dressing in my salad.

For the main course, we chose grilled chicken with mashed potato and red wine jus. Tender chicken breast lay on a bed of fluffy mash and a red wine jus flavored with rosemary- yum

Grilled Chicken with Mash and Red Wine Jus
But the highlight was the pizza- thin crust, topped with crisp bacon and well-marinated colorful peppers and cheese. A delight to savor till the last bite. 

The Star Dish- thin crust pizza.

Nearly full we were told that there is dessert too. Ah! I chose a hazelnut hand churned ice cream and Dipika chose a chocolate ganache cake. Both the desserts were rich, creamy, sweet and very well presented. The cake looked small but was extremely rich, so much so that I had to take it away J

At the end of the meal, we just sat there. Two friends. Knowing that good things and trips come to an end. Knowing that there will always be a next time. As we said goodbye, she said "You know, what I really miss? Sharing a meal like this with you." I couldn't agree more.

Wicked Spoon Confessions-
Pressed for time? Have an important guest to entertain? Want to plan a memorable date? Look no more, if you stay in Central Suburbs - Indigo Delicatessen is at your rescue. The retail cum restaurant model satiates varied gourmet cravings. Have a nice sit down meal served by courteous staff or take away baked goodies, coffees and teas, bottled spreads, hand churned ice cream or a salad for that pesky, health-conscious inner goddess that frowns at you every time you go a little overboard. Serves alcohol and has a notable wine list. The downside? The perfect meal is only available at the R City Mall Outlet the whole of November 2014.

Where- Phase 2, R City Mall, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai

Phone- 022 25185280

Anytime Between-  10 am till midnight

What you pay for a meal for two- this was a perfect meal priced at INR 755/- plus taxes