Chasing Rainbows and Cutting of the Elusive Cake at Lavasa, a City Amidst Sahyadris.

OMIGOSH!!! Is that a rainbow??? I screamed. Aloud. Loud, enough to make my partner appreciate my vocal capability and park on the side so I could admire it. Loud, enough to make 2 to 3 tailing cars stop as well. Rainbows fascinate me. Since childhood, I want to find that well guarded pot of gold or get my 3 wishes from a Leprechaun. I didn't find anything but my car was parked at a beautiful spot- a shimmering lake flowing through an untouched valley, kissed by the rains. Ah! Sounds like a fairytale, no? But, it was just a trip to celebrate my hubby’s birthday and test the temperament of my new Hyundai Xcent.

We started from Chembur at 10 am to drive through the expressway to reach Lavasa; a private and planned city nestled amidst the majestic Sahyadris. As we ascended the ghats, the view became spectacular with waterfalls rolling down lush green mountains and the drizzling rains enveloped us me in a dreamy state of mind. Thankfully, I wasn't driving, J. The roads improve as you get nearer to Lavasa and one passes small dhaba’s selling corn on the cob, hot beverages and chips.

Ah, the View.

We reached our hotel, Mercure sharp at 2 pm and were checked in less than 10 minutes flat (clap clap) to our room on first floor. Located at a 5-7 minute walk from the promenade, Mercure is a  value for money option with choice of standard and superior rooms. Dining options are limited here but one can enjoy all-day dining at Celebrations restaurants spread across a private dining and Al Fresco area that faces the valley. Located on the ground floor, is the Zen bar that serves select domestic and international liquor so one can tipple without leaving the cozy comfort of the hotel. Enjoy Happy Hours from 4 pm till 6.30 pm daily.  

The Reception Area at Mercure.

Enjoy Happy Hours at Zen Bar
Celebrations Restaurant at Mercure, Lavasa.
There is no pool, but the reception gladly hands you a coupon allows you to swim at the Dasvino Club, that houses a spa, restaurants, pool and gymnasium.

Hunger beckoned as we reached the promenade, lined with restaurants offering leisurely dining or small pop ups with quick bites. We settled in an English pub, Past Times to enjoy a cold beer and some hot chicken wings. I noticed one thing; most of the places don’t stock Kingfisher Ultra, so be ready to choose between Kingfisher Premium, Budweiser or Fosters. The chicken wings were served cold and so was the beer. We chose not to order anything more and stepped on the promenade to find food for our now, angrily rumbling tummy. 

Walk at the endless Promenade at Lavasa
Play Area for Kids at Lavasa

I yelled (Ya, once again) as I saw twisted fries. Put a clean whole juicy potato in a twisty machine and out pop the twisted fries on a stick. Fry them and sprinkle with toppings of your choice and let that child inside you, come out and play. J 

Twisted Fries for the Twisted Me!

In the evening we headed to the Dasvino club’s all day dining restaurant “The Deck”. Situated on the lower level near the swimming pool, the restaurant offered us two options- International and Oriental set meal for INR 450/- which is a fabulous deal. We chose one each and liked most of the dishes served. The warm and friendly service adds to the good experience as one enjoys the nocturnal views of Lavasa. 

Nocturnal View from Dasvino Club, Lavasa. 
After a good meal, we walked around the empty promenade between a light drizzle and soaked in the view. It was a lot quieter than the cacophony of sounds it was surrounded in during the day.

The next day we experienced the Nature's Trail that starts near Ekant resort. A section of the trail was off limits but we enjoyed a 40 min trail amongst cooing of birds and gentle rays of sun. Do not miss this. Climb the vantage point to see unhindered views and breadth in the fresh air.

The Entry to Nature Trail

The Vantage Point

We drove around a little to peek at the Villas and saw tiny waterfalls on the way. As the evening crept up lazily, we checked with a staff member about more dining options at the promenade. A guest joined our conversation and asked if mosquitoes will trouble him in the Al fresco area. I broke into peals of laughter as he innocently replied “ Lavasa aisi city hai jisme macchar nahin hai”  but quickly silenced when he continued looking at us with the same innocent face. Meanwhile,  I quietly requested the restaurant manager- Sourav, to send a cake at the stroke of midnight. We headed to Chor Bizarre for an Indian dinner and enjoyed an ice cream at Baskin Robbins before heading back. Tick tock tick tock, as the clock struck 12, i waited for the surprise cake, but alas! no cake came. :( 

 The next day I called up Sourav to tell him about the cake. I acted cross when he apologized on the phone and didn't smile even when he sent one, sometimes those devil horns make me a bit naughty ;) An invite to have a special breakfast overlooking the valley did the trick…. As we approached our table, the staff appeared one by one to wish us and they served us piping hot breakfast of eggs to order, toasted bread, crisp bacon, cakes and rolls and masala chai. Good food means good mood and I smiled as Sourav handed a Birthday card to us. As we got ready for check out Jisan, the duty manager gifted the birthday boy with a small goody package. The elusive cake, being made up for, we said our goodbyes and left to play Indoor Golf, where I putted across 9 holes to emerge victorious.

Indoor Golf at Lavasa.

 We had a fab birthday, got pampered at Mercure, chased rainbows and returned happy- better  that finding that pot of gold, what you think?


  1. Pranayjit Bose, AVP, Lavasa has requested me to publish this comment on his behalf

    "Enjoyed reading your blog. That’s a beautiful writing. I appreciate that how imaginative and passionate you are about Lavasa."

  2. Great Blog. I have been to Lavasa several times. The best part is every time Lavasa is New and renewed. Thus keep coming to Lavasa.

  3. Thnx @Anubandh for ur kind words :-) Yes, Lavasa is a great destination :-)


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