Review Enjoy Spectacular Views and Colonial Charm at Sea Lounge, Taj Mahal Palace

Ma says, “I am her Princess”- partially true, as I do try and indulge myself in royal treats when I am bored of staying afloat in choppy corporate waters. On one such weekend I woke up, craving for a royal treat and decided to head to the Sea Lounge at Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba-one of the oldest coffee shops in the city with my family. Located on the first floor of the Palace Wing, the Sea Lounge is known as an institution in itself.

What You See-
Welcomed by the manager, I longingly looked at my favorite table with unbeatable views of the Arabian Sea. Since it was occupied, we were seated at a comfortable couch. I took in the pastel colored walls shimmering under the glow from the antique chandeliers. 

Pastel Interiors and Soothing Vibe!

The Table Setting- Ah, so nice!

What you get- 

Known for its High Tea Buffet, Sea Lounge serves an exotic collection of teas- Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and Green and White versions for the health conscious. We were happily informed that they were celebrating “Flavors of the First Flush Tea” festival that will delight any tea aficionado. Indulge in an exquisite selection of teas from different parts of India and savor the alluring flavors.

The food menu boasts of Mumbai street food treats like Bhelpuri, Sev Puri, Samosa Chaat and more. Beautifully presented and served in a hygienic manner they will tickle taste buds but are pricy. Light lunch fare like soups, starters and main course are served too.

We settled for two cups of “Monsoon Malabar” Coffee that came served in a Coffee press along with a little plate of treats. As I stirred in some sugar, the manager informed me that my favorite table was now ready- ah! A double treat. I sipped my coffee that was flavorful and intense to make me forget my worries. I forgot about the impending Monday blues, the emails and the untouched files. Sitting at the table, gazing at the rains falling over the Mumbai harbor, suddenly made me happy. We ordered some French Fries to munch on and they arrived piping hot, juicy and sprinkled with right amount of salt.

Me- enjoying a cuppa!
French Fries- No one can have just one!!

We also tried the Herb crusted panko chicken Supremes and loved it.

Our Verdict

With a menu that has a good selection for breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner one can enjoy a good spread of classic English delicacies and local Indian favorites. Enjoy a selection of the world's finest teas, coffees or a cocktail with a loved one as you see spectacular views of the harbor. The visit can be restricted to special occasions as the prices are high. Go here for a romantic date, a loved ones birthday or to indulge in some ‘Me-time’ in this iconic lounge.

P J Ramchandani Marg, Apollo Bandar, Taj Hotels, First Floor, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039

Contact Numbers:
022 6665 3366

7 am to 12 midnight