White Water Rafting In Dandeli, Karnataka

White water rafting is an incredible adventure experience. One chooses to chance upon rapids,  changing tides, conquer fears and enjoy an adventure like no other. Dandeli, situated on banks of river Kali in Karnataka is a great location to experience the thrill with its lush green forests, scenic beauty and grade 2-grade 3 rapids that are ideal for both professionals and beginners.

We started from Jungle resorts at 6 am on a December morning, towards Ganeshgudi (the starting point of the rafting experience) located approximately 20 kms from Dandeli. The ride took around 30 minutes as we enjoyed the crisp air and could barely contain our excitement. The experience started with the instructor briefing us about basic techniques and various safety measures to be followed. We were also provided with safety equipment- life jacket, helmet and a paddle. We formed a team of six  (a mix of friends & strangers) and were ready for rafting! Just when I was wondering about how to initiate conversation with others, our instructor splashed us with the river water making us break into uncontrollable laughter and just like that....we all became a team.

After a small practice ride during which we learned various techniques- correct way of rowing, holding onto the raft during sharp descends, helping a team member in need and more we started for an exciting and exhilarating stretch of rafting. As the raft moved downstream, we experienced a thrill we would never forget. Our expert instructor guided us an adrenaline-charged trip downstream through narrow passages, bumpy but harmless rocks and gushing waters of the Kali River.

The white water rafting at Dandeli can be enjoyed for a 6 km or a 9 km ride from October till June. From July till September, rafting depends upon release of waters from the dam, so check with your resort in advance. The nearest airport to Dandeli is Hubli but Dabolim (Goa) has more number of flights. Dandeli is also well connected to Bangalore, Goa, Belgaum, Karwar and Dharwad, Hubli by road. Prices for rafting start from INR 1200/-. We stayed at Jungle resorts in Dandeli & booked our rafting trip from the resort. Do wear comfortable clothing and footwear for this activity and smile as you conquer the rapids, there are hidden cameras to capture that perfect kodak moment!!