Getaway To Purple Coot Resort in Sri Lanka

Holidays- the word that restores our spirits, magically erases our to-do list, puts a smile on our faces and makes us do nothing!! And if the holidays are planned for a blissful rejuvenation amidst lush greenery in a wonder land like Sri Lanka, one does not need a reason to get travel-inspired. Whisper these words to us- tranquil scenery, scenic lake, wellness treatments and relaxing accommodation along with traditional cuisine and we can pack our bags faster than any travel ninja. We are always game for a relaxed holiday mixed with Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness treatments. Just like our blissful getaway to Purple Coot Resort, located 10 kilometers from the City of Kalutara in Sri Lanka.

We approached Spiceland Holidays, a global tourism brand for designing a comprehensive itinerary for our travel to Sri Lanka. Purple Coot Resort, our first destination offered us rejuvenation amidst the tranquility of Bolgoda Lake and flavour of rural atmosphere. We stayed here for 2 nights but the resort also offers Ayurveda retreat packages of about seven to twenty-eight days. The stay was made memorable because of the smiling staff that made us feel comfortable and went an extra mile that makes a difference!

Here is what all you can do at Purple Coot Resort, an Eco-friendly heaven:

1. Rejuvenate At The Ayurveda Spa
The movers and shakers with bustling lifestyles pay attention!! Purple Coot Resort offers traditional Kerala Ayurveda therapies and treatments to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. After a careful assessment, the experts at the spa offer tailor-made therapies to suit each individual’s unique body constitution. Indulge in the wellness therapies for specific treatments that last for a number of days or step into the spa for a quick rejuvenating treatment.

2. Indulge Your Mind, Body And Soul
One of our favorite morning activity at Purple Coot Resort was to meditate while listening to soft chirping of the birds. The breeze and flowing water of Bolgoda lake offered a beautiful setting that embraced nature at its best.

Practice yoga for a healthy start to your day with the in-house guru as you learn the art of embracing positive energy for an unique experience.

3. Relish Traditional Cuisine
During our stay we enjoyed a delicious welcome drink made with a local fruit- Narang that refreshed us with its citrus notes!!

The resort offers traditional Sri Lankan delicacies apart from other cuisines for meals.

Try a nutritious meal of hot steamed rice served with a variety of curries made from seafood, chicken, lentils and vegetables. Relish some Sambols- spicy accompaniments to meals made with coconut, onion and other condiments. For breakfast, one day we tried delicious Pittu (steamed cylinders of rice mixed with grated coconut) and chicken curry that got our taste buds tingling. The seafood at the resort is served fresh and the curries are made flavorsome with local ingredients. Request the resort beforehand if you want the spice levels to be toned down. The resort also arranges dining by the Bolgoda lake on special request. We enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast, set against the lake with refreshing breeze for of the most romantic experiences enjoyed during our holiday.

4. Learn To Make An Authentic Dish 
The tranquil setting of Bolgoda lake offers an unbeatable background to witness a live cookery demo by the in-house chefs. We learned the recipe of a traditional Squid curry made with local ingredients from the chef that was tangy, hot and tasty. How can one forget desserts?? We learned to make a delicious chocolate-pineapple pastry that offered the best finale to our cookery demo!

5. Enjoy Recreational Activities
A holiday is incomplete without enjoying unique activities that become fond memories. The calm waters of Bolgoda lake at Purple Coot Resort, offers a chance to enjoy many such experiences. Indulge in fishing or go early morning for bird watching as you try to spot as many birds as possible. Take part in a village tour or enjoy a canoe and a kayak ride with your partner, just like we did!!!

Enjoy a canoe ride

Bird Watching - Purple Coot Bird

Beautiful canals seen during the village walk

Kayak in the serene waters of the Bolgoda lake

Check our live video as we cruise through the Bolgoda lake:

6.  Relax In Villa Style Luxury:
Purple Coot Resort, offers options of staying in luxury single and double room villas made with contemporary amenities. The villas are spacious, made with robust wood work that lends a rustic feel and ideal for couple and families alike. The sit out area in the villas offers great vistas of the Bolgoda lake. 

How Do I Get Here:
Sri Lankan Airlines operates multiple flights from major Indian cities to Colombo. The Airlines also operates flights from other countries like Singapore, Australia, Japan, France and more. From Colombo, hire a vehicle to get to Purple Coot Resort by road (approximately 1.5 hours). The roads are smooth and the travel to the resort is hassle-free. We hired our vehicle via Spiceland Holidays. Apply online for visa to Sri Lanka and do remember to pick up the free tour guide from the airport that contains a free sim card that enables easy communications.

How Do I Book The Resort:
Spiceland Holidays offers good packages for Purple Coot Resort and other destinations in Sri Lanka. You can check here.

Best Time To Travel:
The resort can be enjoyed year round and the high season times are from September/October till May.

What Can I See Around The Resort:
During your stay, enjoy a speed-boat ride in Madhu river- a beautiful wetland estuary spreading over 900 hectares of which 770 hectares is covered with water and inhabited with 64 islands. The boat ride is a wonderful way to take a look at mangroves, local birds and plants, Buddhist monastery and to know more about the famed Ceylon Cinnamon. You can also buy some local cinnamon products from the cinnamon island. We picked up cinnamon powder to spice up our coffee and therapeutic cinnamon oil.

Mangrove tunnel

Cinnamon being extracted from the inner bark

Visit a Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery, a non - profitable organization which is maintained for the survival of Sea Turtles for the next generation. Know more about the efforts undertaken to prevent extinction of turtles and the different turtle varieties found in Sri Lanka namely- Olive Ridley Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle, Green Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle and Leatherhead Turtle.


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