Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries

They say, life is just a bowl of cherries with some sweet days and some sour. But having these vibrant fruits is definitely sweet for your diet plan. Loaded with anti oxidants and low on calories, juicy red cherries make for a good snack and add a beautiful flavour to a variety of desserts. The sweet taste of cherries layered with a tinge of tartness adds flavour to cakes, pies, cheesecakes, homemade jams and even sauces. Including cherries in your diet plan helps prevent cardiovascular disease and hypertension among other benefits. Lets look at some amazing health benefits of cherries. 

Good For Your Heart
Eating good amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain compounds like anthocyanins and antioxidants are great for your heart. Studies show, Cherries contain high level of antioxidants that help lower high cholesterol and reduce inflammation. The rich hue of cherries is due to presence of high concentrations of heart healthy compounds, so start including them in your diets today!!!

Helps Fight Insomnia
If you suffer from insomnia, reach out for a bowl of cherries. Cherries promote the production of the hormone- melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles, set your internal clock and helps you enjoy a good night’s rest. Healthy sleeping habits help decrease stress and help your body recover from daily wear and tear.

Aids Weight Loss
Cherries are low on calorie and high on water content, hence you can indulge in these sweet and tart goodies instead of sugar loaded snacks. Consuming cherries is good for your metabolism as they are loaded with fiber and vitamins. The fiber present in cherries gets digested slowly which in turn helps us feel full for longer periods.

Beneficial For Bone Health
Cherries contain a key bone building mineral- silicon that is important for growth of both connective tissue and bone. Silicon is also essential for the assimilation of calcium into our bones. Additionally, the skin-healthy carotenoid- beta-carotene present in cherries is also beneficial for healthy bones. Who knew these treats are also a good treatment?

Loaded With Anti Ageing Properties
The antioxidants found in cherries work on slowing the signs of aging. All varieties of cherries contain good amounts of antioxidants but sour cherries have even more than blueberries. Cherries are also a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E – the perfect mix for healthy and glowing skin.

Good For Hair 
Vitamin B present in cherries aids in better blood circulation in the scalp area which in turn helps regenerate hair follicle and promote hair growth. Vitamin A found in cherries helps keep the scalp hydrated preventing hair diseases caused by dry itchy scalp.


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