Must Try Best Indian Snacks For The Ultimate Foodie In You

Any day that’s without a plate of crunchy snacks and piping hot chai is a dull day for most of us. Also, be it a plate of hot samosas or crispy vadas or chat items with a tangy twist, we Indians love snacking. Moreover, it is not uncommon for us to travel to our favorite places to enjoy the delicious snacks. Indian snacks vary from being steamed, grilled to deep fried, with a blend of wonderful flavors from the quintessential ginger and garlic, curry leaves and other spices,. Let’s look at some best Indian snacks for the ultimate foodie in you.

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Pakoras are the favorite tea-time snack in many homes, especially during the winters and monsoons. Similar to South Indian bhajjis, they are made by dipping a slice of vegetable/chicken/bread in gram flour batter. Deep fried in oil, these crispy snacks are quite versatile. Furthermore, they can be made from onion, papad, brinjal, spinach, egg, chicken, bread, paneer, potato, cauliflower, plantain and the best of all – green chilies. Take your pick and enjoy them with a cup of tea

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Who doesn’t love a plate of bhel poori or ragda pattice! Likewise, chaat items have become popular all over the world now. Moreover, they are perfect north Indian snacks, loved by all. Made with various ingredients such as potato, chickpeas, bread, pooris, samosas, puffed rice, a special chaat masala and a variety of hot and tangy sauces like tamarind, ginger, chilli, mint sauces and chutneys, chaat items occupy a special place in every foodie’s heart. Bhel, a much loved dish is a great instant Indian evening snack enjoyed by many.

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Made mainly from lentils along with onions and chilies to spice it up. The vada is apopular traditional South Indian deep fried fritter. You can add potato and make the popular “batata vada” or enjoy different variations like sambar vada, dahi vada, vada pav and more. Above all, vadas are one of the most popular snacks in India.

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Bombay Mix

Popularly known as just mixture, Bombay mix is one of the best Indian packaged snacks. Savory & spicy, it is made from a mixture of various deep fried ingredients. Lentils, peanuts, poha, sev/bhujia and a blend of spices give the mix an amazing flavour. Certainly, this is one item that is popular all over India and each region has its own version with a unique name.

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This round, ball shaped snack is made from fine flour and has a delicious stuffing made with lentils, besan, pepper, chilli and other spices. In addition, it can be enjoyed as Kachori chaat too and is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent.

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Tikka is another popular snack/appetizer in Indian cuisine. Chicken/ fish/ paneer chunks are marinated in a blend of spices and yogurt. Furthermore, they are cooked on skewers in tandoor. Enjoy your favorite version of tikka with tangy chutney and feel the flavors bursting in your mouth.

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Wondering if there is a snack item to satisfy your sweet tooth! Here comes the traditional Neyyappam from Kerala. Made primarily of rice flour, jaggery and ghee with coconut & cardamom. Also, dry ginger is added at times for additional flavour. Neyyapam is a dish that no one can have just one.

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