What Your Coffee Says About You

We absolutely love coffee and sure you do too but did you know your coffee habits can unveil quite a bit about your personality. Already interested we guess and so here is some interesting info on what your Cup of coffee says About You.

Use your imagination and be creative on this one as the results can be quite subjective :) and all you serious coffee connoisseurs take a chill pill.

1.    Espresso

You are a go-getter bustling with energy, the life of any party. You are charismatic, talk smooth and want to have a great time and ready to lead the way but oops you are moody.

2.    Black Coffee

You are a straight talker and no-nonsense person with absolutely no time for drama in your life. You keep things simple, believe in minimalism, meticulous in your work and very well organized.

3.    Cappuccino

True to the cappuccino you have a creamy and bubbly personality oozing with creativity and passion and are highly motivated. You can be obsessive and controlling but honest and great at making friends but will stay away from unimaginative people.

4.    Latte

You are laid-back and spend a lot of time reflecting on the meaning of life. You are indecisive most of the times and would be very happy if you had someone to tell you what to do but you usually maintain a very calm demeanor and are very caring and supportive in your personal relationships.

5.    Frappucino

You are the adventurous type and a trend setter always seeking and willing to try something new. You are Fashionable and a people person as you make friends very easily. Though highly exciting you do tend to make some unhealthy choices at times.

6.    Iced Coffee

You are assertive, outspoken and unchanged - cool and edgy in any season. People might think you are frigid at times but that not entirely UNTRUE. But your friend can always rely on you to defuse any situation and calm people around you.

7.    Filter Coffee/Regular Coffee

You are the old fashioned and traditional and don’t like too much experimentation. You are often referred to as a stubborn mule but then you just know what you like, have a method and stick to it. After all why mess with perfection.

8.    Instant Coffee

You are laid-back, cheerful and optimistic type. But often you are a poor planner likely to put things off through procrastination.

9.    Coffee with Soy or Almond Milk

You are absolute high maintenance, self-righteous and self-centered, Due to your pickiness, people have to really make an effort to get along with you.

10.    Artisan Coffee
You are the fashionable type but consider yourself unique and outside the cultural mainstream and will be never spotted in a chain cafe.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as the enjoying the dark nectar. We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.


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