11 Breakfast Joints Serving Delicious Food

Well, we all want to start our day on a positive note; and what better way than to have a hearty and delicious meal early in the morning. After all, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Of course, a meal becomes hearty and happening when it comprises a large variety of delicious dishes to choose from. However, preparing such a meal is usually not possible at home—at least not regularly; unless you are a master chef yourself!

This time we bring to you a list of some awesome joints from across India where you can have a sumptuous breakfast with your family and start your day with a big smile. So, read on and maybe you will find about an outlet from your city which you probably didn’t know about yet!

1.    Vrindavan, Chennai: 

This pure vegetarian outlet in New Woodlands hotel, Mylapore serves food that’s nothing short of a lip-smacking variety. The dishes are moderately-priced and the ambience too is cosy and comforting. You will see huge paintings of Lord Krishna on the walls overlooking each table. The restaurant serves South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Don’t miss their mix veg. uthapam and South Indian platter comprising idli, rasam vadai, aloo masala, plain dosa and dahi vada!

Average cost for two around Rs. 500/-.

2.    The Bridge, Kolkata: 

Have your heard about the Floatel hotel in Kolkata that is located on the banks of the Hooghly river? The hotel has two sections-one portion on the bank, while the other floating on the river water—and this portion houses a restaurant called The Bridge. Yes, The Bridge is a floating restaurant with open seating and a splendid view of the Hooghly (including the Howrah Bridge). The restaurant’s building looks like a cruise ship and its staff dressed as naval officers. The breakfast experience on this ship-like restaurant overseeing the Hooghly is unmatchable and if you are in Kolkata, then visiting the restaurant for an early morning meal is highly recommended. For breakfast, you can select dishes from their “Always There” menu. Some hot sellers for the breakfast include grilled sandwiches, burgers, classic French fries and potato wedges. To drain them down your throat, you can order for a coffee/tea or a shake or even a glass of wine (if you are an early starter :))!

Average cost for two around Rs.1500/-.

3.    Hauz Khas Social, Delhi: 

Hauz Khas in Delhi is famous for various reasons, such as the Hauz Khas lake, the tomb of Firuz Shah (a Tughlaq dynasty ruler), a mosque and many other such structures. However, the latest development in the area is the innumerable restaurants that have cropped up in the Hauz Khas village area, offering scenic views to the patrons visiting. One such restaurant that’s quite famous, especially for its breakfast trays, is the Hauz Khas Social. A rough and rudimentary brick-look ambience makes the place much appealing. To add to the ambience is the Hauz Khas lake that’s just adjacent to the restaurant. Sitting at the restaurant and having breakfast while overlooking the lake in the morning hours is pure bliss. We recommend having the Hangover Breakfast tray if you prefer continental or the Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast tray if you are a core North Indian and love paranthas and aam ka achaar!

Average cost for two around Rs. 1500/-.

4.    Smoke House Deli, Delhi: 

Another excellent restaurant from Hauz Khas Village, Smoke House Deli oozes of class. Niche interiors, excellent location, attractively-priced menu and finger-licking food. All this makes for an explosive combination. Although all dishes served by Smoke House are awesome, we suggest you try their smoked pimento and jalapeno or four cheese fluffy omelette for breakfast. Also, try their cream cheese and herbs bagel.

Average cost for two at Smoke House Deli around Rs. 1500/-.

5.    Roots-Café in the Park, Gurgaon: 

Finding a good breakfast joint in Gurgaon is a difficult task. Gurgaon is friendlier for the night birds partying through the graveyard shift. However, Roots Café located in Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Leisure Valley is an exception. The all-day breakfast menu at the café is quite interesting and decently priced and the gravel-floor outdoor seating provides a cosy feel. There is indoor seating too in a shack-type ambience, if you prefer. Don’t expect a fine dine environment. It’s just a simple joint to chill out with friends or family. From the menu, do try the Railway masala omelette sandwich and poha. The Willingdon Club’s Kejriwal Sandwich is also an interesting option. Go for a French Press Coffee to compliment your meal and you won’t be disappointed at all! Also, there is a play area with some swings and slides and solar energy driven small cars for the kids to enjoy.

A breakfast affair at Roots should set you back by around Rs. 600/- for two.

6.    Where Else Café, Pune: 

Are you in Pune and looking for a hip and happening joint to have a lovely breakfast at? Where else would you visit but the Where Else Café! Located in Viman Nagar, this place has an indoor and an outdoor seating and serves yummy breakfast. Check out their interestingly named sections in the menu and select some of the best dishes to start your day with. The place has an interesting décor too and the bright interiors will definitely brighten you up as well! From their breakfast menu, go for an English breakfast platter or a Smoked Chicken Burger. If you are visiting the restaurant on a weekend, you can also try the Parsi dishes, which are served only on weekends. Average cost for two at around Rs. 800/-.

7.    Mamledar Misal, Thane West: 

We know Mumbaiites swear by their misals. To them, it doesn’t matter if the dish is there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can have it at all times of the day. For such people and the aam junta wanting to experiment with their breakfast options, there is one place that is unmissable and unskippable—Mamledar Misal in Thane West. Mamledar Misal serves misal in three variants—each varying from the other in level of spiciness—regular, medium spicy, and hot! The interiors aren’t anything to boast of and it’s just a regular eating joint. However, it is thronged by the patrons through the day starting from breakfast time. The menu too isn’t very lengthy and offers some basic dishes. Try their regular Mamledar misal pav to start with. You can also try the vada usal pav or Poha for your breakfast.

The dishes are cheaply priced and average cost for two should be around Rs. 150/-

Image source  Flickr - Creative Commons

8.    Café Madras, Mumbai: Café Madras in Matunga,

Mumbai seems to exist since ages now. The place has simple interiors with and comfortable tables and benches for sitting. It’s not a very big outlet and mostly attracts patrons visiting to grab a cup of coffee and eat some light food while reading a newspaper. Due to the existence of this restaurant since time immemorial now, it has already earned a status of a legendary place amongst the foodies in Mumbai. The dishes are decently priced and you can get a Masala Dosa at as less as Rs. 60/- at Café Madras. The breakfast recommendations would include capsicum onion uttapam, steamed idlis and rava masala dosa.

Average cost for two around Rs. 400/-.

9.    Paradise Food Court, Secunderabad: 

Think of Hyderabad, think of biryani. The city of pearls is also famous for its biryanis. Although there are innumerable outlets serving biryani in Hyderabad, there are a few who stand out of the crowd and one such outlet is Paradise. Get on the street and ask any person about where to get a good biryani from; and 90 percent of the times the person will say—Paradise. The chicken and mutton biryanis are famous across the country and visitors coming in to Hyderabad make it a point to visit the Paradise Food Court at Paradise Circle for a taste of the biryanis. The ambience too is great and you can either sit inside or opt for an outdoor seating. Once inside, forget about the busy SD Road outside and just dig into the juicy mutton or chicken and savour the aroma of the biryani. Also, do try their variety of kebabs, which boast of a delicious texture and flavour.

Average cost for two around Rs. 1000/-.

Image Courtesy - Paradise Food Court

10.    Veena Stores, Bengaluru: 

If you are around the 187th and 15th cross on Margosa Road in Malleshwaram and see a huge crowd gathered on the sidewalk, be assured that you have reached Veena Stores! This hugely popular outlet since many decades is famous for its breakfast dishes. The outlet is famous as a coffee bar and has a limited menu consisting of idli/vada, different types of bhath, pongal and puliyogre. Don’t miss the kesari bhath if you have a sweet tooth. The bisi bele bhath too is awesome with the crunchy savouries sprinkled on the top. Even though the hole-in-the-wall outlet has no seating, outside the outlet you would find a large crowd of patrons all relishing the delicacies served by the outlet.

Well, now for another best part–average cost for two here shouldn’t be more than Rs. 150/- 

Kesari Bhath - Image source  Flickr - Creative Commons

11.    Taaza Thindi, Bengaluru: 

Another outlet that’s crowded the entire day, starting from morning onwards is Taaza Thindi in Jaynagar. In fact, the crowd is such that you may find it difficult to move ahead to the counters without getting stepped on first (or without stepping on to others, for that matter). There’s no particular seating area at the outlet and although you would expect the place to be dirty because of the footfall, it is, on the contrary, one of the cleanest eatery in Bangalore. The utensils are shining bright and the place is spic and span. Famous for its breakfast, many patrons visit this for its fluffiest and softest idlis, chow chow bhath, kesari bhath, and a strong coffee to wake them up!

The best thing of this best place that opens at 7 AM is that at best you would need to spend around Rs. 150/- for two! Isn’t that awesome?

So, these were some awesome restaurants where you can enjoy a lovely and sumptuous breakfast. There would be many more, in fact innumerable, restaurants and eateries across the country where one could enjoy lovely breakfasts. Do let us know if you have visited any of these listed above or if there are any other favourite restaurants that you love to visit for a breakfast. We would love to hear from you about such places!

We bet, by now you must be craving some of this mouth-watering food. Just head to swiggy.com  to order delectable food from your neighborhood restaurants in the cosy comfort of your homes! Enjoy :) 

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