10 Popular Open Air Restaurants Across India

Life in buzzing metro cities is becoming quite mechanical and often we long to get in touch with Mother Nature and relax in her lap. Well, we can’t just leave everything and take up an ascetic way of life. But surely, we can connect with Mother Nature in some small little ways. For food lovers, who love to eat out and experiment different types of cuisines and restaurants, alfresco or open-air dining is a boon to enjoy their favorite food in a natural ambience, with a view of blue skies, shining stars or gleaming sun, and a whiff of fresh air.

Wicked Spoon Confessions brings to you 10 most popular open-air restaurants in India.

1.    Dome, Intercontinental Mumbai

Enjoy a bespoke alfresco experience at Dome, Intercontinental an upscale cocktail bar that serves International cuisine and premium spirits. Sweeping views of the Arabian Sea, twinkling city lights & an open sky are a perfect formula of a fabulous experience. Located on hotel’s 8th floor, Dome offers beautiful sights of the famous Queen’s necklace as the in house DJ gets you grooving with up-tempo music. The plush sofas invite you to sink in by the poolside and the breeze lulls you into a relaxing vibe…. so when are you headed here? (Average cost for two Rs. 5000/-approx.)

Image courtesy Intercontinental

2.    Level 12, Double Tree By Hilton, Pune

Enjoy delicious North Indian cuisine like biryani & kebab under the moonlit sky at Level 12, a part of Double Tree by Hilton. Located at Chinchwad, Level 12 will ensure good times with superior service, great ambience & foot tapping music. Go on indulge your loved ones in a delectable revelry enveloped in luxury as you sit by the serene poolside, trust us…. it’s worth the drive. (Average cost for two Rs. 3000/- approx.) 

Image courtesy Double Tree Hilton

3.    Raintree, Chennai

The Raintree in Taj Connemara, Chennai takes you to another time and place in terms of both food and ambience. You can see majestic stone pillars catching the flickering flames of oil lamps in the path to the restaurant. The restaurant is quite stylish with high-beamed ceilings and views of the surrounding flora, and even a spacious thinnai (verandah) that is quite common in chettinad homes. The murals show the way of life in a chettinad village and the classical music makes you forget the outside world. You can experience authentic chettinad cuisine here and the flavors of the delectable food will linger even after the meal. Do try the kuruvapillai yera, kozhi milagu chettinad, and elaneer payasam, which are highly recommended…don’t tell us you are not tempted yet. (Average cost for two Rs. 2500/- approx.)

Image courtesy Taj Hotels

4.    The Lantern, Bangalore

The Lantern, in India’s first Ritz-Carlton is one of the finest Asian specialty restaurants in Bangalore. Designed like a Chinese lantern, this sophisticated restaurant is a fusion of casual fine dining and nightlife. Located at the third level of the restaurant, the Lantern is popular for its Asian beverages, cocktails and wines. You can enjoy authentic dim sums that boast of delectable flavors along with other regional Chinese specialties amidst lush flora and soothing sound of flowing water…..already thinking of food nirvana? (Average cost for two Rs. 4000/- approx.)

Image courtesy Ritz-Carlton

5.    Addah, Goa 

Addah, located in the O Hotels is situated in Candolim, one of the popular tourist destinations of Goa. This spacious, all-white beach deck overlooks the beautiful Candolim beach. The ambience of the restaurant is delightful and you will lose yourself in the scenic beauty of the vast sea and, if you are there at the right time, the beautiful sunset. The cold breeze from the sea and the sound of waves crashing makes the atmosphere enchanting. The live charcoal delicacies and Goan specialties will satisfy your cravings for spicy Indian cuisine and seafood. Whether you are in Goa for a holiday with friends, family vacation or a business trip, this is one of the alfresco experiences you should definitely try…added to your travel list yet? (Average cost for two Rs. 2000/- approx.)

Image courtesy of The O Hotels, Goa

6.    Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

Olive Bar and Kitchen, one of the beautiful alfresco restaurants is located very near to the Qutub Minar, the resplendent reminder or Mughal architecture. Located in an ancient Mughal mansion, Olive is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant with a lovely courtyard. It is known for its array of Mediterranean dishes and also has a variety of wine and champagne options. Sunday brunches are a luxurious affair at the Olive and one that should not be missed if you want to have a lazy Sunday with a delicious spread of Mediterranean dishes, salad counters, and pizza and pasta stations…happy Sundays are made of this. (Average cost for two Rs. 4000/- approx.)

Image courtesy Olive Bar and Kitchen

7.    The Spice Route, The Imperial Delhi

Recognized as one of the top ten restaurants in the world by Condé Nast Traveler, The Spice Route restaurant is poetry in design. The renowned restaurant, a part of The Imperial Delhi indulges your taste buds in a journey of spices from the Malabar Coast in Kerala through Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Indonesia to Thailand and Vietnam. A non-smoking restaurant, The Spice Route flows naturally into a strikingly pleasing courtyard that forms a backdrop for an extraordinary culinary fiesta during star-lit evenings and sunny, winter afternoons. The far end of the courtyard invites guests to a Khantok style seating (a low style of seating) inviting them to experience something unique…. wanna try? 

Image courtesy The Imperial Delhi

8.    Pier 33, Hyderabad

Located by the lakeside in Hyderabad, Pier 33 is known for its sundowner parties on weekends. During the weekdays, enjoy a quieter ambience during early evenings as you relish delectable Indian & Chinese food in company of your loved ones. The DJ box spurns popular numbers as evening turns into night and the large screen behind the DJ box lights up with visuals. If you looking an unforgettable date night, this is the place to be. Ask your date to avoid wearing heels …you will be dancing late into the night, right? (Average cost for two Rs. 1500/-approx.)

Image courtesy Pier 33

9.    Stok View Terrace and Garden, Ladakh

How can we forget the magnificent Himalayas when talking of nature? The Stok View Terrace and Garden restaurant located at the rooftop of the Grand Dragon, Ladakh offers stunning view of the Stok mountain range of the Himalayas. The view from this restaurant is sure to mesmerize you with its serenity. This restaurant specializes in multiple cuisines and is one of the best places where you can enjoy the magical Ladakhi experience.

Image courtesy of The Grand Dragon, Ladakh

10.    Smock Shack, The Park Plaza Kolkata

Spread over 8000 square feet, Smock Shack offers guests an upmarket alfresco experience. One of the well known restaurants in Kolkata, the shacks style seating remind you of the fun times at Goa while the stunning décor elevates the dining experience. Live barbecue, potent cocktails & a dance floor make it one of its kind poolside lounge & bar in Kolkata. An island bar is a plus. Smoke Shack recently introduced the concept of churrascaria, a distinctly South American style of rotisserie, which owes its origins to the fireside roasts of the gauchos of southern Brazil, traditionally from the Pampa region. (Average cost for two Rs. 1500/- approx.

Image courtesy Park Hotels

There, we just listed some of the most popular open-air restaurants. Do try to visit these if you happen to be in the respective cities and you won’t regret the experience that you will get- Luxury, opulence, good food, great ambience, and of course the fresh air. Know any more open-air restaurants in your city? Do tell us in the comments section below.


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