Review: New Seasonal Menu at Mamagoto, the Fun Pan-Asian Restaurant

We love the lure of hot food in winters. As the temperature drops, we love feeling snug with food that’s tasty & comforting. And if the food promises a soulful experience with distinctive flavors from the streets and tube stations of Japan, to resist is a crime. So we did not and headed to Mamagoto- the fun and quirky Pan Asian restaurant chain to try their seasonal menu featuring dumplings, Ramen Bowls and new Cocktails.

Spicy Mushroom Dumplings

We chose a table for two overlooking the quieter by lanes of Kala Ghoda and settled back facing the bar. The restaurant was abuzz with large and small groups occupying other tables and the bartender was busy deftly mixing cocktails. 

We selected a Basil Salted Mary; vodka based cocktail made with basil infused salt, tomato juice, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce and Frozen Sangria – a nice twist to the classic red wine sangria with a gigantic citrus flavoured pop rock dipped in. Both the cocktails got our vote for presentation, potency and taste- a good start.

Basil Salted Mary

Frozen Sangria

We browsed the menu and for starters and saw dumplings in veg, chicken and shrimp fillings. We chose chicken and shrimp dumplings- four pieces each served in a bamboo basket. The chicken dumpling had minced chicken and bean curd filling with chili oil sauce drizzled on top- flavorful and bite sized, the chili oil sauce eliminated the need for any extra dipping- nice :). The shrimp dumplings were Japanese Sushi inspired with Nori (seaweed) and minced shrimp with a similar chili oil sauce dressing.

Chicken with chilli oil dumplings

For the main course we chose Mama’s Spicy Ramen Bowl in chicken (vegetarians can opt for vegetables and soya version). A spicy broth based dish (not unbearably so but just right for winters) with blanched spinach, buttered corn kernels and topped with minced chicken. Next, we tried Mama Katsu Don- popular as working man’s classic meal in a bowl. Mirin, sake, kikkoman soya and smoky onion sauce poured over sticky rice and served with a topping of panko crusted fried chicken (aubergine for vegetarians). The flavors blended well and enveloped us in warmth and the sticky rice extended a feeling of homemade comfort. We left Mamagoto with a warm and flush feeling of having eaten a hearty meal.

Mama's Spicy Ramen bowl
The mama Katsu-DON

The new seasonal menu at Mamagoto takes inspiration from comforting and traditional food served across the streets and tube stations of Japan. The portions are huge and the food is delectable, filling and appeasing to the taste buds. The potent cocktails are definitely a plus. The menu lists a few select dishes but believe us everything on the menu is worth a try. Head to Mamagoto with loved ones and treat your taste buds to something different…and did we mention the value for money pricing?

Where- Across Mamagoto outlets in Kala Ghoda, Andheri and Bandra
What You Pay For a Meal For Two- INR 2000/- plus taxes      

Timings- Bandra, Andheri, Kala Ghoda 12 pm to 12.30


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