Vegan Diet for Beginners: The Pros and Cons of Going Vegan

Veganism is an ideology or lifestyle that aims to eliminate all forms of animal cruelty, including but not limited to, those committed in the name of food production. In simpler words, not using any food or other goods that come from animals. For quite some time, this brand-new, popular lifestyle has fully dominated the internet. With alternatives to widely loved dairy products, and animal exploitation-free consumer goods, all readily accessible, turning to Veganism is as easy as snapping your fingers!

Veganism offers a healthy and constructive change in one’s lifestyle. 

Here are a few reasons why Veganism has scientifically proven itself to be extremely beneficial!

1) Veganism helps with weight loss: As you exclude dairy and meat from your diet and consume fresh leafy vegetables and lean protein, weight loss is imminent.

3) It helps in managing the risk of Diabetes: A plant-based diet helps minimize the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

4) Research suggests it may help reduce the risk of cancer: People who avoid eating fish, eggs, dairy products, etc. appear to have a decreased risk of cancer.

5) Veganism lowers cholesterol levels: Plant-based diets can decrease cholesterol since they contain fewer saturated fats.

6) It lessens the pain associated with arthritis: Following a vegan diet, helps reduce the swelling and inflammation brought on by arthritis.

Even though there is a lot of support for this way of life, everything has a flip side. 

Following this diet can be exhausting for some people for a variety of reasons, such as:

1)Alternative foods are often expensive: As Veganism is an organic lifestyle, many vegan goods are pricey.

2)Not all alternative goods are perfect substitutes: While there are several vegan alternatives for practically all foods, occasionally these substitutes have an acquired taste that may turn some people off.

3)A Vegan diet may lack basic nutrients: Vegans may be at risk of having low levels of zinc, iron, and calcium due to their diet.

4)A Vegan diet may cause a Vitamin B12 deficit: A plant-based diet can cause a deficit of Vitamin B12 as plants do not naturally contain the vitamin.

5)Eating out is difficult: Not all restaurants and cafes provide Vegan menu options. Therefore, going out to eat may require some planning, and your options will be limited.

Balance is ultimately what Veganism is all about. As long as it's healthy, each person can find and follow their own vegan practice. Even though it could appear difficult, it might be worthwhile. Are you eager to embrace a vegan lifestyle? Do tell us in the comments section.   


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