Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review: My perfect meal of lip smacking continental cuisine at Indigo Deli shared with my favorite girl.

“Oooh! I miss Indigo Deli in Singapore,” my friend murmured as we wandered around in R City Mall. I looked at her, my ears all perked up for her next line- “But, I miss you more”. Nada. Nothing, she just smiled at me. It was a Friday evening and I was meeting my gorgeous friend- Dipika, who has shifted base to Singapore. “Lets have dinner here,” she said and I readily agreed.

We stepped into the spacious and elegant interiors. The multi level seating lets you choose between high tables set against huge glasses overlooking the mall or cozy centrally placed tables. Soft and warm lights played on wood and copper elements to create very good ambience.

Once seated, the server presented us with a set menu that comprised of a first course, main course and dessert. One needs to choose the beverage separately. We chose a Bloody Mary each. Garnished with a celery stick and a salt rim, the cocktail was perfect. A good start!! 

A Perfect Cocktail 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

An evening tasting a special menu created by MasterChef Australia contestant, Sarah Todd.

Leave the remote alone”, I yelled. A long commercial break had interrupted the battle of the chicken roulades. Finally, the judges of Masterchef Australia, uttered the words I was longing to hear "Sarah the combination of that apple stuffing and the complexity of your gravy really lifted your dish to another level and that’s why you are back in the competition." Yippee.

Sarah Todd, the famous Masterchef Australia contestant who stole a million hearts was in India for a special tasting event. She was to create a delectable cocktail and entree-pairing menu at China House Lounge, Grand Hyatt Mumbai and we were invited to taste. Aha, how could we say no?

We reached the venue and had a quick word with Sarah about her maiden trip to India and guess what? She had already picked her favorites eats- Goan Curry, Biryani at Karim’s and Dosa for breakfast. She loved the variety of spices in India and would like to take back some cardamom pods home. 

Sarah Todd demonstrates her special menu 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ssh!! Secret Recipes from Chef Bala's Kitchen at The South of Vindhya's- Mumbai, revealed. Mind those taste buds.

Chef Bala looked at me for a full minute. I waited. He smiled slowly, very slowly. I was sure, I had goofed up. After relishing amazing dishes at the Orchid hotel's "Coorg Food Festival", I had requested him to share a few recipes. Well, I really wanted him to give them to me. He relented. I was ecstatic. Good food is Good mood, you know.

A smiling, Chef Bala