Monday, 22 September 2014

Review: Flavors of South in your mouth at “South of Vindhyas” Orchid Hotel, Mumbai

"Wake up sleepy head. We leave for Coorg, in less than an hour." These words were enough to get my husband’s attention on a sleepy Sunday morning. He woke up with a start, blinked and stared at me. Hard. Any moment now, he expected me break into laughter and say  Ha! I Got ya.” I stared back. I meant business.  Now that I had his attention (ask any girl how difficult that his on Sundays, Star Sports shows Football reruns)  I smiled at his confusion and declared that we just had to drive to The Orchid Hotel, located at Vile Parle where South of Vindhyas is hosting a 10 day Coorg Food Festival.

Sunday meant less traffic and we reached in no time. After an indulgent rose water hand wash we looked around and noticed soothing live musical notes and authentic ambience. 

South of Vindhyas, at a glance!
Go past me and have a good time!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: The European "Restaurant Week" menu at Nido, Mumbai

I had heard a lot about Chef Vicky Ratnani’s wit and charm. I got a firsthand experience of it, at a master class, where he dished out witty anecdotes to an indulgent audience, with the same flair that he prepared his chosen recipes. So, when I heard that Nido restaurant was participating in the “Restaurant Week", I agreed to the uphill task (pun, intended) to find out, if his charm was omnipresent in the restaurant’s menu as well.  Ongoing from 6th till the 12th of September with an aim to increase consumer awareness about European dishes, ingredients and flavors in India, “Restaurant Week” is an extension of "Tastes of European" campaign conducted by European Union.

Located at Union Park and next to Olive, Nido welcomes you with glamorous and charming décor. Go past the wooden doors to step into the patio lined with plants, lit with lamps and decorated with knick-knacks. One can choose to dine in the air-conditioned indoors, which has an old world charm coupled with contemporary feel or the spacious outdoors.

My mom, a vegetarian by choice had accompanied me on my European escapade. The staff seated us comfortably and my mom remarked, “I hope there are vegetarian dishes too”. Her apprehension stemmed from her visit to Europe, where she had come across limited vegetarian choices. We scanned the menu and were delighted as there was a good balance of both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices.

The Restaurant Week Menu at Nido 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

European Union unveils, "Restaurant Week" in Mumbai, a culinary delight for our taste buds.

Want to experience Europe's rich culinary heritage without taking an expensive trip? Want to sample the finest cheese's, sip and swirl the finest wines and savor olives, right here in Mumbai? From 6th September till 12th September, 10 participating restaurants have prepared special menus for the "Restaurant Week", an extension of "Tastes of European" campaign conducted by European Union. With an aim to increase consumer awareness about European dishes, ingredients and flavours in India, the festival has collaborated with finest restaurants that serve European cuisine.

Take your pick from the following restaurants, that have crafted speciality dishes to tickle the Indian taste buds:

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chasing Rainbows and Cutting of the Elusive Cake at Lavasa, a City Amidst Sahyadris.

OMIGOSH!!! Is that a rainbow??? I screamed. Aloud. Loud, enough to make my partner appreciate my vocal capability and park on the side so I could admire it. Loud, enough to make 2 to 3 tailing cars stop as well. Rainbows fascinate me. Since childhood, I want to find that well guarded pot of gold or get my 3 wishes from a Leprechaun. I didn't find anything but my car was parked at a beautiful spot- a shimmering lake flowing through an untouched valley, kissed by the rains. Ah! Sounds like a fairytale, no? But, it was just a trip to celebrate my hubby’s birthday and test the temperament of my new Hyundai Xcent.

We started from Chembur at 10 am to drive through the expressway to reach Lavasa; a private and planned city nestled amidst the majestic Sahyadris. As we ascended the ghats, the view became spectacular with waterfalls rolling down lush green mountains and the drizzling rains enveloped us me in a dreamy state of mind. Thankfully, I wasn't driving, J. The roads improve as you get nearer to Lavasa and one passes small dhaba’s selling corn on the cob, hot beverages and chips.

Ah, the View.