Popular Types of Modular Kitchens & Which Kitchen is Best For You

We often hear it said, "A kitchen is the heart of every home!" Not only a properly designed kitchen looks elegant, but also ensures preparation, storage of food items in a safe hygienic way. Moreover, choosing a suitable kitchen design tops every home renovation project list. A functional well designed kitchen sets the right tone for your entire home. Although there are many ways of organizing the most important area of your home with modular fittings, choosing the right modular kitchen type is crucial. With this in mind, let's look at popular types of modular kitchens & which kitchen is best for you.

How many popular types of kitchen are there?

The 6 popular types of kitchen are straight line, L-Shaped, U-Shaped, parallel shaped kitchen, peninsula & island modular kitchen layouts. But which type of kitchen is the best? For this purpose, let's look into each type of layout to see which is the best kitchen for you! However, before we get into this, we need to answer a pertinent question. 

What are the important kitchen areas?

A kitchen can be divided into 3 important areas- cooking area, storage area and washing area. How much space one wants to allocate to each area is one of the main consideration while choosing a modular kitchen layout. Moreover, the overall dimensions of your kitchen also will be an important factor.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

What is a U shaped kitchen? Simply put, it is a kitchen layout with cabinets & modular fixtures arranged across three walls forming a U shape. In addition, this layout allows ample storage opportunities along with space for a big counter top. 

A U-shaped modular layout can be possible if you have a larger area designated for kitchen. Also, in this layout multiple people can carry out kitchen chores due to the it's design. However, this layout is expensive & people on budget should consider other options.

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

One of the most popular layouts, the L-Shaped kitchen allows maximum utilization of space. Ideal for small to medium size kitchens, this kitchen can be made o a budget. 

In this type of layout, cabinets & modular fittings are placed alongside two adjacent walls, forming a L shape. 

Parallel Shaped Kitchen:

Ideal for long but narrow kitchens, this layout allows two working areas placed opposite to each other. Also, one can arrange ample storage below & above the working areas. Due to space available, one can easily move around in this type of kitchen layout. Additionally, wet & dry areas can be easily separated. 

Straight Modular Kitchen:

If you want to use your limited kitchen space effectively, opt for a straight modular kitchen layout. Here, all fixtures like hobs, chimney, sink, microwave, fridge & other appliances are arranged in straight line. This layout has limited storage availability. 

Ideal for compact or studio apartments. Moreover, this kitchen can be easily completed on a tight budget.

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Island Modular Kitchen Layout:

A dream come true for many! An island modular kitchen layout looks modern & chic. Furthermore, it is great concept if you want an open kitchen that flows seamlessly into the living area. Mostly designed as a combination of a L-shaped or straight modular kitchen layout, it also has an additional space in the middle that doubles up as a preparation area, coffee/breakfast table or a place to watch your favorite dishes being made. 

Due to the presence of this unconnected additional space, this layout is known as an Island modular kitchen layout. However, this layout requires a lot of space dedicated to the kitchen area & is on the expensive side.

Peninsula Modular Kitchen Layout:

The peninsula modular kitchen layout lets you enjoy the feel of an Island modular kitchen layout in a limited space. The only difference in this type of layout is that the secondary counter top is attached to the main working area. Hence, it makes the additional space accessible from only three sides. 

Which type of kitchen is best for you?

Now that you all know the popular types of modular kitchens, choose a suitable layout wisely. Call on# 9867207055 to speak to an expert to choose a suitable modular kitchen design. To sum up, take into consideration your budget, time on hand for construction, skill of your hired contractor/kitchen design studio & space available before deciding which type of kitchen is best for you.


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