Indian Alkaline Foods That Promote Good Health & Well Being

The Alkaline Diet, also known as the 'Alkaline Ash Diet,' is widely recommended by medical professionals and celebrities around the world. The difference between an acid and an alkali is something we learned in school. Acids have a pH below 7.0, whereas alkalis have a pH above 7.0. Acids are substances with a lower pH. Acids have a sour taste, are corrosive, and harm the body, whereas alkalis have the opposite effect and are therefore better for you.

Normal digestion calls for a secretion of stomach acids, but an acidic dump resultant from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, may disarray the pH balance of the stomach. Foods that leave behind acidic residues after digestion (also known as acid ash), is the main reason for many digestive and lifestyle ailments. One must understand that the acidic or alkaline nature of the diet has nothing to do with the original pH of the food.

Ingredients like meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs, certain whole grains and cereals, refined sugar and processed food items made from any of these ingredients, possess acidic properties. A balance of alkalizing ingredients is therefore essential. Fresh fruits, vegetables, roots, legumes, nuts are all considered alkaline and must be included in the alkaline diet.

The many benefits of following an 7 day Indian alkaline diet plan include better digestion, healthy gut and increased sense of well being.  

Here is a list of a few Indian alkaline fruits and vegetables: 

Fresh Fruits

It is assumed that citrus fruits are acidic in nature and therefore may contribute to the acidic waste in the body. However, the antioxidants in the citrus fruits help in relieving acidity and inflammation. Lemons, sweet limes, oranges and grapefruit are some of the best sources of alkaline foods. 

Seasonal fruits like melons, papayas, mangoes, figs, raisins, dates, grapes, banana, pineapples, peaches are a few of the most alkaline fruits that one can choose from. 

Green vegetables and Root vegetables

All green leafy vegetables have an alkalizing effect on the body. Spinach, fenugreek green, mustard greens, lettuce, are high alkaline leafy vegetables that must be included in the diet. Herbs like coriander, parsley, celery are included in the list of alkaline foods too. 

Fresh vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, okra, green beans, contain several phytochemicals that are beneficial for the body. Onions and garlic are high alkaline vegetables. Roots vegetables like carrots, beets, lotus stem and sweet potato are good sources of alkali. 

The trick to preserve the freshness of the greens and their nutrient content is to avoid overcooking vegetables. Overcooking will destroy the natural goodness, flavor and nutrients. Use fresh herbs for seasoning to preserve the natural flavors. It would be best to consume a glass of raw, fresh, green vegetable juice daily.


Nuts, besides being a good source of heart friendly fat, have an alkalizing effect on the diet. Good source of energy whilst snacking.

Almonds and chestnuts (singhada) must be included as a part of the alkaline diet. However, peanuts can be avoided due to their acidic residue post digestion. 


Generally, all cereals, grains, legumes are acidic, unless they are sprouted. The process of sprouting renders the food alkaline. Sprouts are rich in enzymes and vitamins, which make digestion easier.  

This is probably a reason why wheat produces acid in the body but wheat-grass has a brilliant alkalizing effect. Sprouts, combined with fresh greens or citrus fruits make an alkaline-delight for the body. 


Most cereals like wheat, refined wheat flour, corn, rice, etc. are classified under the acid-producing ingredients. However, a handful of cereals like millets, amaranth and quinoa fall under the category of alkaline foods. Processed cereals and grains are highly acidic in nature. 

Now that you are aware of the alkaline foods in the Indian diet, why not try to add a few of them in your daily eating regime and harness the benefits of the Alkaline diet.

Words by:
Rashida Vapiwala
Nutritionist and Food consultant
LinkedIn – Rashida Vapiwala


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