Visit to nat geo must see destination at Kakkathuruthu Islands

A beautiful quote says "“Sunsets are proof that endings can often be beautiful too.” If you are one of those who believe that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, be at Kakkathuruthu islands, a remote island approximately 75 kms from Kochi airport. Featured on Nat Geo’s ‘Around the World In 24 Hours’ list,  Kakkathuruthu (island of crows), shot to fame rapidly. A sleepy island where tradition, myths & untouched natural beauty meet, left us mesmerized with a sunset so magical, we want to tell the tale to the whole world....or rather whoever stumbles upon our tale :) But what can be so special about a four-kilometer island that boasts of a population of roughly 1000 people. As we said earlier, try & be there at sunset.

On one of our trips to Kerala, having done a variety of regular touristy things, we wanted to experience a different rhythm. We yearned to be close to nature & enjoy some simplicity of rustic life. We decided to step into Kayal Island Retreat, a four cottage property perched on the serene backwaters of Vembanad lake in Kerala. The boutique resort offers glimpses of local life untouched by modernization of the world around. The resort is only accessible by a traditional blue boat from the jetty point & the 20 minute boat ride showcases glimpses of everyday life on the island.

Watch this video we made to enjoy a 360 degree view of Kayal Island Retreat:

Each cottage is inspired by local architecture & comes installed with modern conveniences like a comfortable double bed, a reading area & desk, an open-to-sky bathroom and & air-conditioning. The open bath allows you the luxury of long showers with gentle wind to cool you off. Pro tip# the water in this island is so pure, do take time & indulge in elaborate baths to make most of your time here :D

A beautiful open area covered by a traditional tiled roof forms a quaint reading space that invites you to read your favorite book or pen down your experiences. Take a break from your reading to gaze at the serene backwaters & enjoy life at an unhurried, untouched pace.

The dining area of the resort is a cozy open space set close to the backwaters. The resort serves traditional meals in both vegetarian & non vegetarian options & needless to say do not come back without trying the fresh seafood. During our stay here we munched on delicious preparations like avial (stew), traditional sambar (made with lentils & vegetables) paired with steaming hot red rice. Crush some fried poppadoms over the red rice & enjoy a tasty traditional meal. The landscaped garden area reflect the untouched beauty of the resort with coconut trees & a little pond full with lily blooms.

After a warm welcome we enjoyed a tasty lunch & caught up on some sleep. At 5 pm, we hopped on a canoe to experience the magical sunset among chirping birds & fishermen casting nets. As we sailed past paddy fields, coconut farms & small houses we were almost chasing the sun, now a beautiful golden red circle that played hide & seek behind coconut trees. The sun rays cast a golden glow over the waters reminding us of a beautiful opportunity often missed during everyday lives. The setting sun filled the sky with beautiful hues of orange & red & we wanted the moment to never end!

We explored the calm backwaters again in the morning & were rewarded with beautiful glimpses.

The resort also arranges experiences like Yoga, Ayurveda massage, Fishing, Serene walks in the village, stargazing in the night & more on prior request. Take part in a temple ritual to experience local life from close quarters or just give in to the calm unhurried life on the island. Venture out onto Fort Kochi to indulge in some shopping or collect sea shells on the pristine Marari beach if you want to explore more as they are located at a comfortable distance from the retreat. Or just decide between reading your favorite book, snoozing till mealtime or watching the serene backwaters of Vembanad lake....slow down to a unhurried pace & let the magic unwind.


  1. Beautiful place to visit.

  2. Looks like an amazing place... Def on my visit list ... I have been planning a trip to kerela and glad I came across this post before making the trip :)

  3. This is truly one of the unexplored places in Kerala. Beautiful images and nicely written too. I wish I could have read about it before or know about it before, I must have definitely covered it in my best things to do in Kerala list. If you have some time, then I would request you to go through my blog too, here is the link :


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