Enjoy a Healthy Treat With Frozen Desserts

They say “Make time for things that make your heart sing!” In summers, lazy naps on a hammock, playing on the beach & enjoying frozen treats makes my heart sing in a perfect rhythm. In fact, what’s summer without frozen treats? On a hot summer day, reaching out for a frozen treat is like instant nirvana for many of us. Nothing refreshes us more than an ice cream. But it’s time we think about other alternatives that are healthier and a more delicious than the ice creams. Yes, I am indeed talking about Frozen Desserts.

Today’s health conscious consumer wants indulgence that is laced with great taste & health. But how many of us have tried to really study about the frozen treats like ice cream we often enjoy? And if there is a healthier alternative that is high on taste & health? How many of us have tried frozen desserts?

Let’s look at a few similarities & differences between ice creams & frozen desserts. Both ice creams & frozen desserts contain milk and/or milk solids & are made with a similar manufacturing process. While ice creams are made with whole milk that contains dairy fats, frozen desserts are made with skimmed milk. For the creamy texture, ice creams rely on milk fats, on the other hand, frozen desserts gets their creaminess from vegetable fats by using edible vegetable oil. And here lies the difference between ice creams & frozen desserts.

The use of milk fats v/s vegetable fats changes the nutritional profile of both the desserts to a large extent as depicted in a small comparison below.

If we compare a serving of 100 gms of ice cream v/s frozen desserts, the nutritional facts shall be as follows:
Ice creams may contain 219 calories, 13 gms fat, 8.5 gms saturated fats & 0.03 gms cholesterol compared to 204 calories, 10.5 gms fat, 5.8 gms saturated fats & 0 cholesterol found in a 100 gm serving of frozen dessert.

To know more about the health benefits & nutritional profile of frozen desserts, watch this video:

This summer before you reach out for an ice cream to beat the heat, try a frozen dessert. Enjoy the same creamy texture & great taste packed in a better & healthier way, in form of, Frozen Dessert.

So this summer, choose a healthy treat in form of a frozen dessert & enjoy amazing taste without compromising on your health.