Serv’d : An app that helps service providers to go Cashless

My cook Deepali has a final say in what my family shall eat for dinner. A foodie by nature, I love cooking on weekends with Deepali taking over my daily cooking chores on the weekdays. What she didn’t have a say in during the recent demonetization frenzy was when many households she worked in delayed her salary due to a genuine cash crunch. I was in a fix too. As the salary day drew closer, I tried transferring money via an online wallet company to my cook. That didn’t work out. Why? Well, for starters Deepali possessed a feature phone & not a smart phone & no data pack. That got me thinking. Was there a way out?

The amazing food that Dipali makes

Someone referred me to Serv’d- a mobile app that enables consumers to enroll daily service providers like cooks, maids, drivers, milkmen, help them go cashless & manage them on the go!! How? I was determined to find out.

A simple registration process post downloading the app that is available on Android as well as IOS was the first step. After making my profile (a quick & easy affair), I started the process of on-boarding Deepali.

Enter easy details to create contract

I entered her details- full name, Aadhar card details, duty hours & monthly remuneration & a screen popped up that asked me to do a quick review of details entered.

Upload Aadhar Card Details of Service Provider

Additional parameters like her cooking specialty, allowed leaves (if any) & details of bonus could be entered too.....I was impressed!!! This app was like a one-stop shop for managing your daily service providers. I clicked on “Send Contract” button & successfully created the contract between me & Deepali. The contract only becomes active once a confirmation is received from the service provider via an sms and in Deepali’s case was sent in Hindi.

Once this simple process is complete, support from Serv’d gets in touch with the registered user to verify the details of the contract & explain the process of linking their bank account with the app.

Link the bank account of the service provider

This in turn enables to make payments and go cashless!! Additionally, the app also allows users to document the engagement with the service providers. Keep information like remuneration made till date, dates of absence from work, bonuses if any at your fingertips with Serv’d.

In today’s world, where verified identity of all daily service providers has become a must, on boarding my service provider on Serv’d helped me get access to her identity proof like Aadhar card, lending a greater sense of security. At the end of each month, a formal invoice is generated that enables better planning.

Go cashless with Serv’d & reduce the post De-monetization challenges. The app also helps build financial history for our daily service providers, enabling them to avail of better institutional credit facilities & necessities like Insurance for self & family members. The app opens with a tag line “Aapki Suvidha Sabki Unnati” & that seems a possibility with Serv’d. Know more about this useful app here.