DIY: Easy Basil Pesto Recipe

We believe, a big bowl of pasta made with fresh Basil Pesto can cure anything!!! A sauce originating in Genoa, Italy the recipe of Pesto is often modified to be made with available ingredients. Many are known to substitute the traditionally required pine nuts with almonds, cashew nuts or even walnuts. The powerful & heady aroma of basil will surely tempt one to think of innovative ways to eat up the fresh Basil Pesto as soon as it's made. Basil Pesto pairs wonderfully with roasted meats, pasta and can find a place of pride in your picnic basket along with focaccia bread. If we made you think of picnics, check some super easy food ideas for your picnic basket here.

Time taken: 5 minutes

Recipe Courtesy: Shubhranshu Bandoh


2 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp of salt ( or to taste)
40 gms of basil leaves
15 gms of pine nuts toasted (almonds also work)
30 gms of cheddar cheese (can use Parmesan too)
80 ml of olive oil


Take basil and garlic and put it in the blender and blend for 30 seconds. Add toasted pine nuts and blend for another 30 seconds and then add cheese and blend until you get a rough paste. Add olive oil slowly and blend until smooth paste is derived. The whole process should take not more than 3-4 mins. Delicious fresh Basil Pesto is ready.