New Replaces the Old for a Better Future

Nostalgia can hit you anywhere. Sometimes while eating a ladoo that tastes just like grandma used to make, passing by an old coffee shop that you used to frequent as a kid that has now been replaced by a cafe with high speed wi-fi or while drinking fancy mocktails while actually craving for a glass of Rasna. One day I got enveloped in nostalgia too while surfing the internet. I stumbled upon this video by Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund that shows how there are now easier way to do things rather than the lengthy and time consuming ways of the past.

Ola, remember waiting for weeks for the postman to walk down your lane versus the speedy email that reaches your loved one in a jiffy? Yes, thats what we are talking about.

One particular incident that happened in my childhood resurfaced in my thoughts as I saw this video. In fact it played in front of my eyes like it happened just yesterday. It was my birthday. I was excited as birthdays were special. I could eat chocolates, creamy pastries and drink as many bottles of Goldspot (remember it? Goldspot...the zing thing.) as I wanted without being scolded. It was my day. But that day, I wanted something different. My cousin, who resided in the United States had written a letter wishing me and also sent some pictures of her recent outing with my uncle & aunt. I loved seeing her pictures and dreamt about visiting her many a times. In one of the pictures, sitting in a restaurant, she was holding a big & white flat round sandwich in one hand. I was intrigued. Ma used to make sandwiches for me for tiffin but they were shaped like triangles. What was thing round thing that had a brown stuffed patty and was served with loads of ketchup and french fries? My mouth started to water. I ran to Ma & Dad and asked them to be taken to have this round sandwich. Ma smiled and told me lovingly that its called a Burger.

Burger- that one word stuck to my head. I extracted a promise from Ma that they would take me out in the evening to have as many burgers as my little tummy could hold. It was a happy tradition that dinner was always had at a fancy restaurant on my birthdays. We set out that evening, me dressed in a new dress all set to have burgers. Dad took us in his car, a treat reserved for special days and off we went to a fancy neighborhood restaurant. I could not hold my excitement...I was finally going to eat something new. When the server asked me what I would like to eat...very slowly and clearly I uttered the new word I had learned- Burger. The server looked at me confused and told me that the restaurant did not serve any Burgers. I looked so crestfallen that my dad immediately asked for his car and took me to another restaurant...and thus started the search for the elusive burger. None of the restaurants in my neighborhood served the dish, I so wanted to have that day. After being denied a burger at the fifth restaurant, my dad told me to order something else. I would not hear of it and started crying. Seeing me in this state, Ma promised me learn making burgers soon.

But things are way easier now. New food apps help you find restaurants that serve what you want to eat in a jiffy. Feel like having Chinese tonight? Tap your fingertips on the app and a list of restaurants serving delectable Chinese will get listed on your phone. Not only that you can order your choice of food sitting in the comfort of your home. Want Burgers for lunch ? Order as many as you want and even treat your friends at work. All Things Must Change to Something New, Something Better. And one should always embrace the New that changes our lives for the better. Like Ma wisely says #JanoTohMano. Know the new things and embrace them for a better future.



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