Top 5 Edible Gifts from Nature’s Basket

With the festivities staring at us on face, every house is abuzz with chaos and excitement simultaneously. The euphoria is in the air. Honestly, we all love the pandemonium festive season brings. With gift lists…wrapping papers…boxes - all in place— but what to gift??  The weighing question puts everybody in a tight spot.

Just as me and my husband were pondering on one such list adding and deleting items to suit the individual tastes, the good luck fairy came to our rescue and there we had a dear friend visiting us who got us a grand Godrej Nature’s Basket hamper as our Diwali gift. It was like a dream gift. A meticulously designed assortment of goodies, to our liking.

We instantly knew, this is it - where our ceaseless gift hunting journey ends. We got on to the Internet and browsed through the Godrej Nature’s basket portal ( and to our amazement it had an array of options to choose from. It was stocked with something for everybody. Unique assortments, themed hampers, chic packaging and the best part— everything was competitively priced all in one place. It’s like a one stop shop solution.  We both agreed that Godrej Nature’s Basket was the new gifting connoisseur.

Though, everybody has own likes and dislikes, to pick few, from such exquisite collection-wasn’t easy. However, out of the huge range of options available, we managed to select five yummy-looking edible gifts from Nature’s Basket for gifting in this festive season. Check them out below.

1.    DRY FRUITS HAMPER (large)

The nip is already in air, and as temperatures dip further, we all love to gorge handful of dried fruits. Though this grand assortment is ideal for any occasion, it’s the traditional favourite, during this time of the year. This splendid collection includes stuffed dried dates, flavoured nuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, nuts coated with luscious chocolate, dried prunes and delightful apricots. This assortment is arranged in a chic basket to complete the festive look. This is priced at Rs. 3143/-


This unique hamper is a great gifting option for those who like to experiment. Like a DIY, this hamper is full of the requisite to prepare a delectable Thai meal. Packed strikingly in an orange treasure chest, this hamper has all the ingredients to make exotic Thai meals like Carnaroli rice, rice sticks, aromatic Thai sauces and pastes and coconut cream. This is priced at Rs. 4381/-\


Express your warmth and bonhomie to a loved one with this Coffee treat hamper. This treat box is beautifully packed to match the festive fervour. It consists of an assortment of a fine rich coffee, shortbread cookies, Demerara sugar and dark chocolate to clinch it. The price of this steal deal is Rs. 1229/-


This hamper is uniquely designed with a sweet and salt balance. What better way to express your love, than this assortment of luscious dark chocolate, chocolate coated nuts and my favorite—flavoured almonds. This beauty of a gift box is priced at Rs.1500/-


Pep up the festive zeal with this exquisite range of whole dried cranberries, roasted cashews and almonds— aesthetically packed in jars and neatly arranged in a craft box with an elegant handle to complete the chic look. This wonderful box  is priced Rs.899/-

Gifts are always welcomed by the recipient, but the ones which are tastefully chosen keeping in mind the likes of an individual adds an extra touch—don’t forget it gets you a brownie point from your snooty boss, spiteful relative or nasty neighbour. For, this is the time to bridge the gaps and strengthen the bonds. So, here were our top five edible gifts from Nature’s Basket for this festive season. Hope they are of help to many a dazed souls lost in the what and where, how and who of the gifting chaos. Till next time, Happy Sorting!:)


  1. Awsm ..diwali shopping made simple.

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  5. Worth spending on such mouth watering gift hampers...that will for sure bring smile to the one you gift

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