Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review: Enjoy Victorian charm at Chez Moi, an Italian restaurant in Bandra

What you see-
One rainy Mumbai evening, nestled amongst eateries and cafes, Chez Moi attracted us with its quaint entrance. The door was done up with blue, green and yellow colours but left a tad unfinished.  Inside, the tables and chairs carried the same unfinished look and well placed candles cast a radiant glow. Victorian lamps, money plants, wrought iron candle stands and old clocks added visual appeal. Slow lilting music pleased our ears as we looked around at posters and photos featuring Paris. A human hand soap dish, white in colour was placed near the wash basin- nice but strange.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review: Regal Ambience and scrumptious menu at Kebab-e-Bahar, Taj Banjara, Hyderabad

What You See- A colorful rangoli, a traditional decorative folk art in India, adorned the inviting entrance of Kebab-e-Babar, an open air Indian restaurant at the Taj Banjara, Hyderabad. The smiling manager, having taken our names, led us to our table. As we settled down, subdued lighting pleased our senses and inviting aromas tickled our taste buds. Neatly arranged incense sticks and aroma oil diffusers kept mosquitoes at bay at this lake side restaurant. An open air kitchen was bustling with activity and the staff mingled with guests. Sipping cold water we soaked in the sights of late evening Hyderabad traffic. The well laid out table was adorned with flowers and votives. Sitting inside, we could see the massive lawns of the hotel leading to a swimming pool.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Review: Olive Bar and Kitchen, a lounge bar serving Mediterranean world cuisine.

What you see- White pebbled courtyard and white walls lit by candles invite you at Olive Bar and Kitchen located at Pali Hill in Mumbai. Step across swinging wooden doors into a huge courtyard graced by a banyan tree. You take in the brilliant use of white in furniture, knick knacks, candles and flowers. The host smilingly leads you to your table, for which you are spoilt for choice as the rustic space at Olive is divided into an air-conditioned interior and an alfresco section with an open bar. A sweet smell wafts in the air from while lilies adorning the tables. All around you see a heady mix of good looking and smartly dressed people laughing and conversing with cocktail glasses precariously balanced in their hands.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review: Yogurt Bay, Every Belly is invited!

Yoghurt has been a part of the Indian diet for years, but people have just about started warming up to the idea of frozen yogurt as dessert. From International & domestic chains planning aggressive expansion in India, attractive pricing & localization of taste, various Yogurt brands are wooing consumers.

What you see-
On a rainy Mumbai Evening, we decided to explore Yogurt Bay at Carter Road, Bandra, a delightful little yogurt parlor located just behind the CafĂ© Coffee Day outlet. It was around 11 in the night but there was a huge crowd outside the outlet.  A smiling server was waiting outside to let 2-3 people inside. Our turn came soon & as soon as we entered, our eyes fell upon a large counter full of yummy, colorful toppings manned by uniformed servers. Behind the servers were three machines, which churned out colorful flavored yogurt swirls.  The menu, displayed on the wall boasted of parfaits, range of smoothies, frozen yogurt flavors and yogurt sundaes. A serving of flavored yogurt can be chosen in mini, small, regular or a shared cup size.