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Easy Snacks With Simple Ingredients for Students On a Budget

Being a college student is demanding, especially if you must prepare meals at the end of  a long, exhausting day. Here are some quick snack ideas for college students, those of you who are  constantly on the go or are just not in the mood to cook a big meal. These easy snack ideas can be easily made with simple ingredients for college students on a budget. Pizza Toasties: 2 slices of bread ½ cup of toppings of your choice (corn, olives, bell peppers, etc.) 2 tbsp. pizza sauce ½ cup of cheese Chili flakes to taste Prepare the sandwich as per your preference and then toast it till the bread turns golden  brown. A crunchy, cheesy toastie that takes only 10-15 minutes to make. Paneer Wraps: 1 tortilla wrap ½ cup of paneer ½ of vegetables of your choice Salt, Pepper, and Chili flakes to taste Cheese (Optional) Take a tortilla wrap and add all the ingredients, one by one. After making a wrap, you can  even toast it a little to add that extra crunch! This recipe takes around 15 minutes to pre

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