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Do You Know About Rhododendron Flower and it's Awesome Benefits

A crimson bloom engulfs the slopes of Himalayas in the spring months. Tall giant trees flaming with bright red hue, catches the breath of any onlooker. Rhododendron has ruled many a hearts from poets to naturopaths, alike. This genus boasts of more than 1200 different varieties, in form of giant trees to ground carpeting mat like plants.  The Rhododendron flower in India, is not only found in the Himalayas. This ornate plant has gained widespread recognition in gardens throughout Europe. Furthermore, this flower is abundant in the tropical regions of South East Asia and North America. Rhododendron flower in Hindi is known as "Buransh". Let's know more about rhododendron flower and it's awesome benefits. In India it is identified as state tree of Sikkim and Uttarakhand, state flower of Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland; there are 80 species, 10 subspecies and about 14 different varieties found in Indian Sub-continent.  Although merciless felling of these red woody wonders

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