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Visit To Parsi Dairy Farm Talasari Restaurant- Dairyland Parlour

Our excitement fizzled looking at the closed gates. Having reached Dairyland parlour, Parsi dairy farm's famous restaurant located at Talasari at one pm sharp, our rumbling stomachs ached for delicious food. Moreover, the drive from Mumbai was a breeze as monsoons had paved way for lazy winters. As a matter of fact, the next ten minutes were spent in anticipation. Soon, the gates opened to welcome eager foodies. We stepped into a huge al fresco seating area & looked around. Having heard a lot about this restaurant also fondly known as  parsi da dhaba, a well planned one day trip was inevitable. Let's tell you more about our visit to  Parsi dairy farm's Talasari restaurant- Dairyland parlour. Parsi dairy farm's Talasari restaurant- Dairyland parlour Established in the year 1916, Parsi dairy farm is known for its premium quality authentic milk & milk products. In addition, products like low-fat milk, paneer, ghee, flavoured yoghurt & Indian mithais have been a

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