9 Easy Ways To Create Restaurant Like Ambience At Home

Staying-In has become the new normal, isn't it? Many of us are working long hours from home, exercising indoors & have not stepped down except for essentials. Moreover, one of the thing that one misses during this Covid-19 outbreak is enjoying a meal at their favorite restaurant.  Additionally, as social distancing becomes the way of life, eating out at our favorite restaurants is not an option! The progression from being occasional cooks to cooking three meals everyday has taken us by surprise. Besides, what about special occasions like birthdays & anniversaries that went by without a gathering of loved ones sharing food, wine & laughter at our favorite eatery? Fret not. Here are some easy ways to create restaurant like ambience at home:

Pay Attention To Detail:

What makes a restaurant experience stand out apart from good food & excellent service? From neatly folded napkins, shining cutlery, well laid out table to a clean dining area, a good restaurant offers a great experience throughout. 

So, pay attention to those tiny details. Glassware with finger prints or chairs with leftover crumbs are a turn off. Moreover, eating while browsing gadgets can ruin the overall experience too! So, spend 10 minutes everyday cleaning your dining area. However, do not shy away from asking help from your family! We do not want you sitting down for a meal so tired, that you may not enjoy it.

Set A Beautiful Table:

You taste food as much with your eyes as your mouth! With this in mind, table settings do contribute to the overall ambience. Opt for soothing candles, decorative plates, good napkins or printed tissues to set-up your table. And while you are at it, why not order your favorite flowers from Lebanon Flowers and brighten the mood!

Although, weekends may be a good time to indulge in this activity. For some inspiration, look here

Choose DIY Meal Kits:

Can anyone resist the aroma of freshly prepared pasta sauce bubbling away in the kitchen? Similarly, all freshly cooked meals hold an irresistible appeal. Nowadays, many companies including a few restaurants are offering DIY meal kits with fresh ingredients & a recipe to make meals at home. From vegan options to specific diets like keto or paleo, everything is available.

Plate Your Meals:

Plating your meals can help your serve even a modest fare in style. Although, we don't want you plating like a pro, some basic techniques help elevate the dining experience.

Not overloading plates with food, playing with contrasting colors/textures & choosing the right plate to serve are some basic tips.

Serve Tipple In Style:

Nothing appeals more than cold champagne bubbling in a slender flute glass. Hence, if you can find time, serve your tipple in appropriate glassware.

Dress Up:

Take a little time off from your busy schedule & dress up. Although, currently we are tempted to spend days in our PJs, dressing up a bit can elevate your mood. Keep it simple yet stylish.

Make a Reservation:

How fun it will be to fix a time to arrive at your dining table in advance? Choose a convenient time with loved ones to arrive & unwind at the table. Moreover, make an effort and stay away from gadgets & indulge in enjoying food.

Play Music:

A great playlist adds to any dining experience. Prepare a playlist in advance & feel the music change everything around you.

Invite Loved Ones Virtually:

We all are missing being surrounded by friends & family at our favorite restaurant table. So go on & invite loved ones for a virtual dining experience meet-up. Apart from being fun, this helps you enjoy food in presence of loved ones.  

So how are you coping up while missing your favorite restaurants? Tell us in the comments section.


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