Review: Kode - Freestyle Bar And Kitchen At Lower Parel, Mumbai

Having missed the launch of Kode - a freestyle bar and kitchen from the house of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd at Kamala Mills, we wanted to try the "cuisine agnostic menu" served for sometime now! A sultry September day was a perfect choice and off we went to try signature cocktails and global favorites served with a modern twist. Now, what is cuisine agnostic menu, you ask? Simply put, the restaurant serves unique and different dishes in each course that do not follow any specific pattern or cuisine.

Step into Kode, and the first thing you notice is a play of granite, glass and cozy interiors. The huge island bar in the center promises and delivers signature cocktails served with oodles of drama and the open kitchen is bustling with activity. The tables are full with variety of guests - a huge group of ladies who lunch, families celebrating special days, friends catching up and couples keep the servers busy.

We settled down to try cocktails - ​​Birds Eye​ made with vodka, triple sec, berry shrub, citrus flavors and passion fruit soda. ​​I​nspired from ​c​racked egg in the nest which gives a new life​, the cocktail comes served in big round glass housed in a bed of hay and with a fragrant cinnamon stick.

Forgotten Petal Sour ​- made with gin, red berry concoction, citrus and rosewater flavors comes as a three course drink. "Eat" the Campari soap covered in form to cleanse the palate, drink the cocktail and relish the sweet white cotton candy.

Pearl Of Caribbean - a good looking cocktail made with spiced rum, fresh pineapple and basil and topped with soda quickly became a favorite!

From "cold plates" section we tried Avocado Carpaccio - thinly sliced avocados cleverly substitute  the original ingredient and pair well with bell pepper drops. The Butter Glazed Edamame Beans from "to ponder" section were warm, buttery and garlicky.

Next, we tried Herb Crusted Scotch Eggs with perfect crunchy outer coating with runny egg yolk and came garnished with micro greens.

We loved the variety of Sushi selection at Kode. The Prawn Tempura Sushi is a must try if you like prawns - crunchy prawn tempura inside perfect rolls relished with wasabi and soy!

Vegetarians can opt for Avocado and Cucumber sushi that's easy on taste buds.

From mains, do try the 18 hour Cooked Lamb Shanks that are slow cooked with delicious meat that falls off the bone.

Vegetarians can try Spinach and Asparagus Risotto served with fresh semi-soft bocconcini cheese.

From the dessert section, try the deconstructed dessert - Black Forest Served with Maraschino Cherries. Chocolate bricks topped with gold covered cocoa bits served with berry sponge and maraschino cherries - nice.

Kode also serves a great selection of whiskeys from around the world . The first ever Liquid Chef concept at Kode, pairs curated cocktails with each course. The menu offers a lot of choice and there are artisan pizzas, flat breads and burgers too! Enjoy a delicious lunch at Kode, indulge in a Sunday brunch or groove to the beats on an in-house DJ during weekends - the choice is yours.

Kode, 11, Oasis City, Kamala Mills – Entrance 2, Lower Parel, Mumbai- 4000013

12-4 pm, 6.30 pm- 1.30 am

What You Pay For A Meal For Two:
INR 5000 plus taxes approximately