Trekking to Tikona Fort

John Muir once said, "In every walk of nature once receives more than he seeks." We all regularly feel the need to venture in the wild with only nature for company and fresh crisp air blowing on our faces. Trekking is a great option during winters as the best treks are the ones enjoyed during September to March & a few during monsoon season. Along with trekking essentials, one needs sturdy legs, strong lungs & an indomitable spirit to reach the top. One such crisp winter morning we decided to trek to Tikona fort, located approximately 130 kms from Mumbai and only 50 kms from Pune. We started at 5. 30 am from Mumbai ( yes, yours truly did delay everyone by 30 minutes, but no trek is fun without one latecomer) via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway to scale the pyramid shaped hill fort, also known as Vitanghad.

The route to reach Tikona village is an easy one. Just head ahead from Lonavala towards Kamshet to reach Tikona Peth village. The trail is approximately 2 kms from the village. Though much is not historically known about Tikona fort, it was one of the most important forts in the Maratha Empire. Seized by Mughals for a short duration and recaptured during rule of Shivaji, the fort had enjoyed major influence during the Maratha rule.

Tikona fort is located at 3500 feet above sea level and the trek can be considered easy. We started the trek at 8.30 am and reached the top in 1 1/2 hours with mini breaks. There are many water tanks full with cold, sweet water that is portable but darker in color.

Take a look at a few pictures to enjoy the beautiful vistas of the Tikona Fort trek.

Must see things include -a massive stone wheel used for churning cement for the fort walls, big entrance doors, a temple of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev, panoramic views of Pawna dam and vistas of Tung, Lohgad and Visapur.

The bullock cart at the beginning of the trail reminded us of the simplicity of village life

The trail at its easiest

Giant stone wheel which was once used for churning cement used in fort building and maintenance

Steps which mark the beginning of the Fort and a great photo opportunity

yes! the steps are quite steep

At the 2nd watch tower

Beautiful large entrance doors

Enjoying the vistas near the water tanks

With the caretaker at the summit

Beautiful Vistas - in the distance you can see Tung Fort and its perfect reflection in Pawna lake

Had to pose for this view

Remember to take a Selfie with friends

Much needed rest after descent and a hearty lunch at the restaurant and campsite

Pro tip:
Start early to avoid heat. 8 am is a good time from Nov-Feb.
Wear comfortable foot wear, preferably sneakers with good grip.

Accommodation & dining options:
Trekkers can either bring their own tents & pitch them in convenient spots near the caves or located just before the trail is a restaurant cum camping facility called "Tikona Holiday Home & Camping Ground" where one can enjoy a pleasant stay in tents. Do not leave without trying a home cooked meal available in vegetarian & non vegetarian options over an indigenous stove called "Chula".

What to Carry:
Water & power drink
Trekking Pole
Portable tents & sleeping bags (if planning a sleepover)
Light snacks and fruits

Parking facilities:
There is ample space for parking near the trail.

Other Attractions around Tikona Fort:
Pawna Lake
Gurudwara- Chota Hemkund Sahib
Bedse Caves


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