Recreating Magic with Tata Sampann Masale

Recently I got a pleasant surprise. My naanima called to say that she would be visiting us for a few days. I was excited as naanima is affectionate, warm & insists of feeding me with magical dishes as she feels I need nutrients while I am growing up :) There is nothing more satisfying than relishing her lovingly made Sunday lunch over stories of forgotten days.

Naanima made masalas from scratch in her kitchen & served hearty meals round the clock. In her world, rotis were perfectly puffed, dals were bubbling with flavor & Chhole puri was legendary. The whole house waited in anticipation for her Sunday special- Punjabi Chhole & Dal Tadka served with rotis & white fluffy rice, a quintessential Indian thali. She always stressed on eating food full of natural goodness, leading a healthy & balanced life. 

During her visit, I wanted to surprise her by making something special & decided to re- create her magic with dishes she loved. Naanima loved simplicity but always gave importance to authentic taste & aroma in her day to day cooking. I wanted the meal I made for her to be homely & wholesome but without any compromise on taste. 

After frantically searching the aisles of supermarket & online options, I decided to try Tata Sampann Masalas as an insightful video by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor spoke about how the source of origin of our masalas directly affect the quality & flavor.....interesting, had never thought of such fine nuances!!! The range consists of chili powder, turmeric powder, garam masala for daily cooking & special blends like Dal tadka. Punjabi Chhole (Naanima’s favorite), Paneer Masala & more. That is when I decided the special lunch menu- Punjabi Chhole, Dal Tadka, hot paranthas served with some homemade pickle & lots of curds. It was easy to make the dishes as recipes by none other than Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor were printed on the masala packets :) . 

As instructed fo making Dal Tadka, I soaked three dals- moong, chana & toor dal & pressure cooked them to perfection. Next, I fried some chopped garlic & onions till golden brown, added 1 sachet of Dal Tadka Masala packet & let it saute for a minute. The lovely aroma was so tempting, I could not wait to eat :). Finally, I added the pressure cooked dals & some water & let it boil for 15-20 minutes. For garnish, I used freshly chopped coriander & the results were amazing.

For making Punjabi Chhole, I pressured cooked 1 cup pre soaked chickpeas till soft. I also fried one chopped onion, some ginger garlic paste & tomato puree in a kadhai with 1 tsp of oil. Next, I added 1 sachet of Punjabi Chhole masala & mixed well. After 2 to 3 minutes, I added the boiled chickpeas, water & 2 slit green chilies & let it cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Once done, I garnished the Punjabi Chhole with chopped coriander.

I picked up Punjabi Chhole masala & Dal Tadka masala for my surprise lunch & a pack each of turmeric & chili powder for mom. I was delighted to note that each blended masala pack comes with a recipe from Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor that made my task much easier. On Sunday, I woke up early & started preparing for the special surprise. I had asked Ma to take Naanima to a nearby temple so that she received a real surprise when she got back!!! I opened the masala packet & out came five single use masala pouches that help maintain the original taste, aroma & color so that the natural goodness of the masalas are intact for longer duration.  When I read closely, it was a delight to know that Tata Sampan Masalas are made from un-spent spices with their natural "spice oils" intact, just like how nature intends them to be!!!

As I made dishes that Naanima loved so much, the aroma filled the house bringing back happy memories of my entire family seated around the dining table waiting for their favorite dishes. That day, Naanima was bubbling with so much delight, that I could hardly contain my happiness. She asked me my technique of the masalas & I ran to the kitchen to show her the Tata Sampann masala packets.....she was surprised that the dishes had authentic taste & flavor, just like hers.

Sourced from best quality whole spices, Tata Sampann masala ensure that goodness is intact in every pack. Cooking is all about making food that is loaded with taste, natural goodness & health & with a little help from Tata Sampann Masalas its good-to-the-last bite goodness ki shuruaat.