My Luxurious Getaway to Taj Bekal, Kerala

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen. Travel quotes like these inspire us to back our bags immediately to remote lands. But then we remember that absences from office can be only limited & so can be our budgets! Juggling multiple workloads, we have become an expert in making most of long weekends & one such opportunity made us unwind at a beautiful Taj property located in Bekal, Kerala.

A small town located in the Kasargod district on the west coast of Kerala, Bekal boasts of many scenic attractions like the Bekal Fort, a feisty beach, calm backwaters & more! In fact, the cab drivers don't miss an opportunity to mention that many Bollywood songs have been shot here.

Spread across 26 acres of beautiful open space, with an amazing view of the sea & backwaters, Taj Bekal is a visual delight. We had chosen a villa with a private pool for our stay that was inspired by the designs of houseboats with beautiful Chitra Pothi paintings on the walls.

Our first day passed in bliss as we dipped in our private pool, relaxed with a cup of tea in the courtyard, read a book in the centrally air conditioned interiors & enjoyed a relaxing siesta on the swing!

The next day we decided to check the outdoor pool that faced beautiful backwaters & the sea, tempting us to head for a walk where we saw couple of local fisherman lay bait! When they got lucky, we clapped in joy so hard, they decided to give us some of the catch!

After a walk, I tried my hand at Archery but did not hit bulls-eye :) but not too far from it too! The scenic views from Taj Bekal invited me to steal some silent moments of peace & I loved the solitude mingled with bird calls all around me.

Dining at the property was a pleasure with a vibrant all day diner called Latitude that served a sumptuous breakfast spread in the mornings & tea in the alfresco area in the afternoon! Guests could enjoy lunch & dinner here or head to Pools & Grills to enjoy fresh local seafood & other delicacies.

Don't forget to have a drink at the elephant-themed Ivory bar during your stay!

I was eager to try Jiva Grande, the luxurious spa at Taj Bekal that offers signature experiences, Ayurveda programs, Indian therapies & much more amidst modern comforts. I opted for a signature aroma therapy treatment that enveloped me in tranquility for 60 minutes & left me smiling for the rest of my stay! As soon as I stepped out of the Spa, a golf cart escorted me back to my villa- my private haven! I left after two blissful days to explore another beautiful destination, located in a lush coffee plantation......psst- the location is so pretty that your Instagram account shall give you blessings. Read about it here

The property is so scenic, that I could not resist clicking pictures at various vantage points and shot a look-book too!  Dressed in my new Marks & Spencer outfit, I went around with a big smile posing all around drawing smiles & waves from other guests!

Do take a peak at it here


  1. lovely place, will surely plan for a trip
    #Urvinkhan #Bekal #WickedSpoonConfessions
    Villa Urvinkhan estate has 5 uniquely styled cottage
    Bekal is located in Kasargod, Bekal, Kerala 671319

  2. #Urvinkhan #Bekal #WickedSpoonConfessions
    1. Villa Urvinkhan estate has 5 uniquely styled cottage
    2. Bekal is located in Kasargod, Bekal, Kerala 671319 Liked and Shared too #WickedSpoonConfessions

  3. So beautiful place, will surely plan for a trip
    1. Villa Urvinkhan estate has 5 uniquely styled cottage
    2. Bekal is a small town in the Kasaragod district on the West coast of the state of Kerala, 671319
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  4. #Urvinkhan #Bekal #WickedSpoonConfessions
    1. Villa Urvinkhan estate has 5 uniquely styled cottage
    2. Bekal is located in Kasargod, Bekal, Kerala
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