Healthy Juicing with Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

Recently having moved to a new house, I was mighty thrilled. The reason for my elation was the in-house fully equipped gymnasium in the residential complex. I love spending time doing weight training but had given up due to an inadequate gym near my previous house. But this one presented new opportunities! So armed with confidence, I re-started my gym routine for 5 days a week. The session invigorated me but also left me thirsty! Also, I lost on a few sessions due to bad cough & cold.

One day while speaking to my gym instructor, he mentioned having a small serving of a healthy juice during the day. I love eating my fruits & vegetables whole due to their rich fiber content but there are some days when I am on the run & a healthy juice sounded like a good option. I had heard a lot about cold pressed juices & wanted to try them. A little research & I came across Kent Cold Pressed Juicer that helps conserve the nutrients of fruits & vegetables while juicing. How, one may ask? Conventional juicers create a lot of heat while juicing resulting in oxidization of nutrients present in fruit & vegetables while on the other hand cold pressed juicers like Kent generated lesser heat that helped in keeping the nutrients intact! I decided to give it a try.

The Design
Kent Cold Pressed Juicer comes in a very user friendly functional design that occupies minimal space in kitchens. The body of the juicer is made of food grade plastic with a fine meshed & wide meshed filter for different fruit & vegetable types.

The juicer is very easy to assemble & a separate bin for waste collection is a boon as it minimizes cleaning hassles. What I liked was the bigger inlet that allowed bigger pieces of fruits & vegetables to be fed into the juicer!

The low juicing speed ensure minimal noise during usage. During usage when I felt pulp blockage, a  reverse action helped it to clear in a jiffy! Nice :)

Here is a great recipe I tried with the Kent Cold Pressed Juicer using ripe muskmelon & cucumbers. I love the freshness that juicy cucumbers add to my meals & this surprising juice combo works very well as it requires no added sugar. Muskmelons & cucumbers have high water content that help prevent dehydration. Muskmelons are loaded with minerals like Potassium that helps maintain weight, improve vision & boost immunity. A bonus? Muskmelons have anti ageing properties too. I have garnished the healthy juice with muskmelon seeds as they are a great source of protein, Vitamins like A,C & E & Omega 3 Fatty acids. Lets get juicing!

Prep time: 10 minutes
Makes: 3 Glasses

1 ripe Muskmelon
1 medium sized cucumber
Pinch of rock salt
Melon seeds for garnish

Wash & cut unpeeled muskmelon into medium size wedges. Clean unpeeled cucumber thoroughly & chop into medium pieces, leave the peel on.

Juice muskmelon & cucumber in Kent Cold Pressed Juicer one after another. The waste gets collected in a separate bin, so no straining is required :) Add a little rock salt to the juice & mix well. Pour the juice in pre-chilled glasses & garnish with melon seeds.

Drink up a glass of health!