American Food Festival and Thanksgiving at Nature’s Basket

Thanksgiving holds a special significance across the world. Made of two significant words- thanks and giving, this tradition reminds us to be thankful and to share and give our time and talents with other people who could use our help. The tradition of Thanksgiving gives us an enriched perspective on the abundance in our lives to be celebrated with family and friends. Celebrated widely across United States of America and other parts of the world, Thanksgiving is a special occasion calling for spending time with loved ones, a lavish traditional feast and feelings of gratitude. The mood across every household is jubilant and family reunions make the day very special. Also known as the time for feasting, the food made for this day is a special one, with carved turkey, a traditional pumpkin pie, butter mashed potatoes, salad and cranberry sauce served across most households. Gifts are exchanged and the holiday mood reaches the zenith with feasting on traditional favorites. A small prayer to say thanks is said around the dinner table, blending gratitude with abundance. We just love occasions which bring people closer and celebrate the better things in life over good food- a true symbol of love when words are inadequate.

Mumbai, a melting pot of cultures has embraced many festivals over the years and close friends have invited us to special Thanksgiving dinners. But this year was different! Godrej Nature’s Basket, a gourmet store that brings exotic tastes from around the world right into your shopping basket invited us to celebrate the Thanksgiving week on November 24 at the Bandra outlet. In partnership with USDA (United Sates Department of Agriculture) they announced the launch of ‘The American Food Festival’ over an array of gourmet activities that made the evening special. This decadent meet of food lovers and regular patrons, celebrity chefs like Chef Vicky Ratnani and Chef Saby celebrities like Perizad Zorabian was hosted by Mohit Khattar, Managing Director, Godrej Nature’s Basket over an evening of wine, cheese and foot-tapping live music

Food Lovers, Celebrity Chefs and Godrej Nature's Basket Team celebrate Thanksgiving

The gourmet evening began with a live demo by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, (Chef Saby), an award winning Chef assisted by Deputy Principal Officer Deanna Avdeen from the US Consulate who curated a few recipes. Delicious American dishes like Amaranth, Apple and rocket salad with smoked turkey and cranberry dressing, Ancient grain risotto with pumpkin and seasonal mushroom, Sweet potato gratin and desserts like Cherry and chocolate pie made mouths water all around.

The Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Made Mouths Water.

We enjoyed these culinary delights with beautiful wines from the house of “Beringers Vineyards” and live cocktails from the bar.

Good Wine, Good Food and Good Mood All Around 

The sight of a perfectly roasted turkey tempted us as we dreamt of holiday meals right there!! A live pasta counter rustled hot & flavorful pasta as foodies mingled around celebrating food. The display of authentic American products in the store invited guests to unravel the gourmet treasures with exclusive offers and we could not resist making a quick list of what all we wanted to buy. The extensive range that is a part of ‘The American Food Festival’ include favorites like fresh pears, walnuts, pasta & pasta sauces, select grains, dressings, chocolates and more. On till December 13, 2015 at all Godrej Nature’s Basket stores, this food festival will surely tempt you to indulge your taste buds with authentic American products.