The Best Time To Visit The Andaman Islands

The thought of travel makes me dreamy. Dreamy enough to think about faraway travels to unseen locations wandering about, away from the maddening city life. It's  October, and these happy thoughts have started urging me to plan a trip. Having heard a lot about The Andaman Islands have been on top of my "Must See Destinations" for a while now. Azure blue waters, waft slowly towards power white sandy beaches that boasts of golden sunsets. Tempted? Wait, there's more.

Andamans at the end of the year (Oct to Dec) is traveler’s dream come true. The weather is cooler but stays above 20 degrees, making it easier to go for long walks on the beaches and constant sunny days ensure you come back with that perfect tan. That's not all; diving conditions are optimal for the adventure seekers- so one can go for that scuba diving experience we always dreamt of. If that’s not enough, snorkeling is so much fun as waters are clear and one can see beautiful marine life that is so colorful…it’s like watching your travel dreams come true, in HD colors.

Port Blair in Andamans can be reached very easily- enjoy a short flight from either Chennai or Kolkata and get ready to soak in the various sights of the city. A Visit to the Cellular Jail Memorial will help one understand the paramount importance of the islands in India's fight for independence.

Does one really need more reasons to visit? Radhanagar beach that features in the top beaches of the world is beautiful beyond words!!! One of the best sunsets can be enjoyed here. Apart from riding the waves, the beautiful weather makes it easy for anyone to just laze for hours on end on the beach. There are many water sports activities one can also enjoy on the North Bay Island & Underwater Sea Walk is on top of my list- imagine walking amongst colorful fishes.

But many a times if I try to make travel plans last minute, the rates of the hotels & airfare spring an unpleasant surprise, particularly in the months of October, November and December. Want to enjoy a white Christmas in Europe? Get ready to pay a hefty price. A beach vacation on your mind to celebrate New Year’s? Money shall flow like water if it’s booked last minute. So what can be done to ensure that exciting travel plans don't fizzle out? Just like the early bird gets the worm…there are benefits of looking for deals a little early if you want to travel in December. Well it's October, a good time to start looking for great deals because something exciting in brewing, especially on the Make My Trip app. Just download the Make My Trip app to search great deals on airfare and hotel bookings and off you go on that dream vacation... Just like I will to The Andaman Islands. It’s supremely easy to use the app- user friendly interface, indexed listings of destinations, loads of deals makes the navigation on your Smartphone a delight. So when are you packing your bags? 

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