Hunt for Aunt Shanaya’s Treasure

Forgetting is an art. And some people are gifted with this art just like aunt Shanaya. My favorite aunt, who spends hours usually wandering around looking for things-- sometimes her spectacles, other times her wallet; often the house keys and once her gold bangles!!!! Trust aunt Shanaya to come into a room looking for her misplaced valuables and getting us to join her search. As a kid I looked forward to her visits but dreaded that worried look on her face when she would realize something missing. In fact, my cousins and I never played “Treasure Hunt” during summer holidays…we indulged in “Hunt of Aunt Shanaya’s Treasure”.

We had just returned from a family dinner celebrating my successful job interview and were seated around the TV, indulging in loud banter. The mood in the house was one of elation and happiness as my parents were looking forward to me joining a multinational as PR manager. My aunts and uncles shared fond memories of me as a kid and were happy with my progress. Aunt Shanaya was over the moon, as her favorite niece (me, of course) had promised to keep her updated about the cute guys at office. She started speaking about her first job; I turned to look at her beautiful face which, suddenly, changed the instant she lifted her right hand. Her right wrist, which was where she normally wore her gold bangles, felt oddly light. Because they were missing! The transition from a look of pure joy to stress was instantaneous and this time when she murmured the dreaded words “I May Have Forgotten Something”, I noticed a slight wariness in everyone’s eyes. Nevertheless, we joined the search for the elusive golden bangles, the one my uncle gave her. The mood quickly changed and I heard my Ma murmuring to my dad about the cost of her bangles. Aunt Shanaya assured us that she had the bangles on her wrist when we left the restaurant, but she couldn’t remember its whereabouts after she changed into her nightclothes. We looked and looked and as minutes passed, we all became a little tense and that’s the first time I saw my uncle get truly upset with Aunt Shanaya.

The next morning, when I started for work, my mind was still on the missing bangles. When I got home after a hectic day at work, Ma informed me that the bangles were found in Aunt Shanaya’s purse and that she left soon after, a bit embarrassed to face me as she felt she had spoiled the previous night’s celebratory mood. I quickly called her up and had a good laugh with her but made a mental note to find a remedy.

A few days passed and a colleague mentioned a new personal locker system- Goldilocks by a trusted name in Security Solutions - Godrej. I quickly read about the product online and was impressed with its features like portability, compact build, smart touch panel and most important- a tamper alert!! It was the perfect answer to Aunt Shanaya’s predicaments.

The day I was waiting for had arrived, and I received my first salary. I bought a lot of gifts for Ma, Papa and for Aunt Shanaya…her own personal locker - Goldilocks. Now no more stressful times for my favorite aunt, who would often worry about leaving her valuables behind in random places. She can now keep her house keys, daily-wear jewelry—especially her much-beloved gold bangles—in her personal locker and leave her worries behind. In fact, my uncle uses it to store his spectacles too …men can also be forgetful ….okay? :) As Ma says, aunt Shanaya looks better when she smiles and with Goldilocks keeping her valuables safe, believe me she does.