Review: Sichuan House a Stylish Chinese Dining Experience at Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla

We love malls. They are a great way to to spend fun family times with entertainment, shopping and dining all under one roof. Our favorite mall, Phoenix Marketcity is strategically located and provides us with unlimited fun options.

What You See:

One day after yet another shopping spree, we chanced upon Sichuan House nestled on the ground floor of Phoenix Marketcity. We were tempted to step inside as hunger pangs intensified and we absolutely dig Chinese cuisine. After being seated at one of the comfortable booth, we noticed that the high ceilinged restaurant could easily sit approximately 80 patrons. Minimal Chinese elements and soothing music added to the ambience. A few early diners including large families and couples were enjoying good foodie times, a good sign :)

What You Get:

Since we had promised our Gym Instructor to steer clear of alcohol, we browsed mocktails and settled for "Ok Lah"- a tangy drink with tropical flavors and kaffir lime leaves. The other mocktail called "General" was on the sweeter side but quenched our thirst with its refreshing combination of mango juice, grenadine, litchi juice topped with lemonade.

The Ok Lah and General- our favorite mocktails. 

The food menu serves primarily Chinese dishes form the Sichuan region along with select Thai and Indonesian dishes. We chose to try Chinese dishes as it was our first visit and we were craving the sweet and sour play of tastes that only Chinese food can provide :D

We started with the Lemon Coriander Clear soup, a well made choice. Aromatic with juicy chicken pieces it was devoured in no time. One can select to add vegetables or prawn to the soup too.

The Lemon Coriander Soup at Sichuan House.
The appetisers variety deserves a special mention. One can choose between dimsums (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), salads, small plate preparations in chicken, lamb and seafood..and choosing one was proving difficult :-). We settled with Prawn Har Gao, a popular shrimp dumpling and our all time favorite too. Made with juicy minced prawn and wrapped in translucent skin, this was a hit!!

Prawn Har Gao- translucent shrimp dumpling. 
The next appetiser, 3 Flavour Fish (basa) is Chef Paul Kinny's signature dish and we loved it- Wicked Spoon Confessions recommends that you surely try it to savour the sharp taste of basil toned down with thai palm sugar and tangy tamarind...and just when you think its over, the feisty red chilli hits your taste buds.

The 3 Flavour Fish- Chef Paul Kinny's Signature Dish.
The Crispy Squid tossed in garlic, was tasty and we loved the addition of finely chopped green peppers and spring onion greens on this appetiser.

The Crispy Squid, topped with Peppers.
As the delectable food played with our tastebuds we started!! A tiny voice in our head shrieked "No alcohol, okay?" Sigh. But, wait...what do we see!!! Staring back from the menu and inviting us to try was a dish called "Drunken Chicken in the main course section. Succulent boneless pieces of beer marinated chicken tossed with pandi chilli, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots in soy sauce provided the answer. Paired with "Khao Phad" rice it was a delectable combination. The rice made with leeks, fresh red chilli and coriander is another must try.

The Khao Phad rice with Drunken Chicken.
We ordered Som Tam, a popular Thai salad made with raw papaya, red chilli, crushed peanuts and juicy tomato bits that complemented the main course.

Som Tam Salad- a must try at Sichuan House.
For desserts we chose Honey noodles with ice cream. We felt the noodles could taste better with a little more generous drizzle of honey.

Honey Noodles with Ice cream- one of the dessert at Sichuan House.

With good location, huge portions and value for money pricing Sichuan House will soon become a food destination to reckon with. The stylish ambience and courteous service adds to the overall good vibe. The ingredients as well as the flavours of are fresh and we would love to go back to try Thai and Indonesian dishes. The only letdown was the limited dessert selection. With a huge variety offered in appetisers and main course, we would love to see more delectable desserts added soon. Sichuan House is a great option to settle down for a comfortable dining experience with family, friends or even a quiet date night. So, when are you heading there?

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  1. Lovely post, Wicked Spoon, will surely visit.

  2. I'd like to go out with my family for my birthday dinner next month! I love Chinese cuisine and restaurants like Sichuan House! And we mostly end up going to Chinese restaurants because of the quantity and quality of the food they serve. Would love to try a new place for the same cuisine on my birthday.

  3. I'd like to go with my cute angel daughter.......I just love this type of meal....and wanna win for my life.......she will be more happy with this.......One of the party from urside to my daughter before going to school after summer vacations...... :)

  4. I'd like to go out with my family for my marriage anniversary


  6. Been awhile since i've eaten some good food. I'd like to go here with the wife!

  7. Wish to win and taste some amazing fish delicacies.

  8. after seeing your blog I really feel like going to this place.hope I get a chance to take my food freak friend Shalaka

  9. I would like to go with my gf since we have not got chance to go for a nice dinner together for a while now


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