Review: Café Coffee Day Launches Ultimate Summer Refreshers #CCDSummerSlam.

We love saying “Hello, Summer. Summer reminds us of rays of sunshine, bright colors, loud giggles, twinkling stars and fun in outdoors. And ending a perfect summer day slurping on a deliciously cold and refreshing beverage tops our list of all things nice. So when Café Coffee Day invited us to try a refreshing range of thirst quenchers, off we went donning a yellow outfit that matched one of the smoothies…now what’s summer without a bit of yellow sunshine, isn't it?  We tried six delicious ranges of chilled slushes and smoothies, played a few summer games with fellow bloggers and picked favorites too.

Say hello to Summer with the #CCDSummerSlam Range!

Here is a sneak-peek of these summer refreshers:
Rasmalai Smoothie- Imagine enjoying your favorite Indian mithai in a glass!! Subtle almond flavors mingle in this sweet and creamy beverage and juicy bits of rasgulla add a bite. Wicked Spoon Confessions loved it and we totally agree that now we can “Sip and Snack” at the same time with the Rasmalai smoothie……go for it!!!

Strawberry Pomegranate Smoothie- The sweet n tart flavours of strawberry mingle with sweetness of pomegranate in this creamy smoothie. When are you having one?

Mango Peach Smoothie- Can’t have enough of mango- the king of fruits? How about adding the goodness of selected peaches to them? The mango peach smoothie is a harmonious blend of two summer fruits, we cannot say no to.

Have you tried the #CCDSummerSlam range yet?
Pink Lemonade Slush- Love lemonade? Love it more when it’s chilled? Café Coffee Day comes up with a brilliant addition of pink grape fruit to add an interesting twist. Well, Wicked Spoon Confessions had two glasses. …need we say more?

Tropical Spice Slush- Go down this spice route, if you like to tingle your taste buds. We liked the tropical flavours but the spicy jalapeños did hurt our throats.

Strawberry Blast Slush- Chilled to perfection, this slush has two summer favorites blended harmoniously together- strawberry and pomegranate. Share it with a friend or a loved one while having fun in the sun.

Summers are about having fun and then settling down with the perfect thirst quencher to re energize the senses. So step out in bright colors, enjoy the sunshine and then cool yourself with a refreshing range of slushes and smoothies from India’s largest café chain - Café Coffee Day.

Whats your favorite #CCDSummerSlam drink?

We loved what we tried as the unique blend of flavors felt refreshing and left us sipping and slurping on our favorites. The summer slam range of beverages are a fine addition to the Cafe Coffee Day menu that will leave you asking for more. With the ongoing T 20 season, you can have a lot of fun with your friends as you cheer for your favorite team and  your favorite drink from the range. We picked our team and fought it out with for our favorite slush...when are you doing that?

Picking favorites at the #CCDSummerSlam.
Don’t forget to take friends along as you try these unique blends and play some games too....just like we did.

Trying the #CCDSummerRange with my favorite girl, Ritcha!
 Who knows you might make a fun memory that might turn into a story next year….and every summer should have a story J

Have you tried any of it at Café Coffee Day yet? If yes, what’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments section, we would love to hear from you.


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