10 Reasons why Saudi Arabia Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Before choosing your next travel destination, what do you think? On what criteria do you make a list of your target places and narrow them down? From culture, history, nature, food, and modern cities to spiritual significance, what is your main preference?

After all, knowing the answers to these questions ensures a perfect travel experience. In general, we decide our travel place through the facts that how that place will match our preferences. But no matter if you filter out your list of destinations through cultural, historical, natural, or religious significance, Saudi Arabia comes first.

Saudi Arabia lives the traditions of their ancestors and also believes in tourism. Therefore, the Umrah packages that facilitate the pilgrimage of Muslims arrange custom tours to the famous places of the kingdom. The purpose is to broaden their view and connection with the holy land.

Following is a list of 10 reasons you should plan a trip to Saudi Arabia. So, let us read ahead.

Why Saudi Arabia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

Saudi Arabia keeps the doors open for travelers. However, there are two types of visitors that consider their trip to Saudi Arabia. The first ones are pilgrims who want to perform Umrah or Hajj rituals. The second ones are tourists who want to explore famous sites in the country.

Umrah packages facilitate pilgrims in planning their whole journey. They provide Umrah visa assistance, transport ease, comfortable accommodations, and a peaceful pilgrimage experience to pilgrims. The same goes with affordable options like the 10 Nights 4 star Umrah package from UK.

However, it's not the same for travelers. They have to apply for a tourist visa, plan the whole journey, and manage all the essentials of their trip on their own. But still, people visit Saudi Arabia for its diversity of culture and tourist attractions. So, here's you have 10 reasons to finalize this plan and get on your dream journey this year.

1. Unique Cultural Experience

Saudi Arabia offers a mix of culture. Pilgrims experience Islamic traditions everywhere. They connect with the roots of Islam, visit ancient mosques, and interact with fellows. The unique dress code, festivals, and honest dealing present the dominance of Islamic culture.

However, it's not only about religion. The local cultures, festivals, and events also reflect the traditions of Arabs. They believe in following the footsteps of their ancestors and keep their ways of living alive. Through festivals and exhibitions, Saudi Arabia presents historical displays, crafts, art, and stories. The purpose is to introduce the unique practices of Arabs to visitors.

The same happens with other aspects of life like entertainment and culinary experience. The folklore and traditional music get visitors in the past. And authentic Arabic cuisines make people fall in love with the taste.

In short, Saudi Arabia offers a unique cultural experience throughout the journey.

2. Historical Significance

We all know the modernity of Saudi Arabia. It presents modernity in architecture, buildings, tourist attractions, and art. However, Saudi Arabia also believes in the beauty of history. All of its historical places and ancient remains are preserved.

Even open places like Madain Saleh and Al Ula are safe and intact. The purpose of this tradition is to keep the remnants of previous locals. After all, they contributed their part in making the land safe and beautiful.

Today, Saudi Arabia has a lot more historical landmarks to explore than any other part of the earth. At these historical places, visitors experience the beauty of the land in two ways.

Firstly, they explore the site, surrounding, and remains of extinct civilizations. Professional guides help visitors to understand the facts about specific places.

Secondly, they find a chance to learn about the history of these places years back. In this regard, historical museums serve visitors and help them learn better about what interests them the most.

3. Natural Beauty

Looking for a destination full of natural beauty? Or going to sort out your target places on the basis of natural views? If yes, mark Saudi Arabia to visit this year. Natural scenery and beautiful views also set Saudi Arabia apart from other travel destinations. This is because the ecological formation of the land is diverse.

Some parts of the country consist of deserts with sand spread across the sight. Empty Quarter Desert is one such place famous for desert safari, camel riding, and camping. The other parts of the country contain giant mountains. The range of Asir Mountains is popular in this regard. It presents a cool climate, greenery of nearby valleys, and flowing streams. One can also capture the rock formation there.

Similarly, the coastal areas are integral to date. Pristine beaches and crystal-clear water sources add to the beauty of the land.

In short, Saudi Arabia also attracts visitors because of its unique nature in the form of mountains, rocks, Valleys, and deserts.

4. Hospitality and Warm Welcome

Arabs are hospitable. Since the land has been serving visitors and pilgrims for centuries, the locals consider them friends and fellows. They believe in making international friends. Besides, it's the part of their culture that they facilitate outsiders at their best.

For instance, they become guides of tourists and let them know about their target locations. They serve them uniquely and make them feel at home. For instance, Arabs welcome visitors with their traditional coffee complimentary with dates.

The same goes with pilgrims as well. Locals help pilgrims in completing their rituals. Along the way, they guide pilgrims about Islamic traditions and try to simplify their journey, especially for senior citizens.

5. Authentic Arabic Cuisines

We all see the mouthwatering Arabic staples on social media. Their savory ND sweet treats seem interesting. Besides their outlook, they also taste delicious. This is a reason Saudi Arabia is also famous for its authentic cuisines and real flavors. The traditional dishes mainly include rice. Some of these recipes use boiled rice while others cook them with different spices.

The authentic and rich flavor of Arabic dishes comes from their organic spices. Arabs cultivate spices on a large scale and also export them worldwide. Therefore, visiting Saudi Arabia means a chance to taste something unique and delicious.

In the savory menu, Kebabs, Falafel, Kabsa, and Mandi are popular. They use fresh meat and rice cooking through unique methods. Similarly, sweet treats including Baklava and Kunafah are favorites to everyone.

6. Modern Cities and Architecture

Do you think that Saudi Arabia just has history to offer? After all, Arabs take their culture and values seriously. Well, it's not right to claim. This is because Saudi Arabia maintains the balance between evolution and history. They believe in keeping history and modernity in one line.

After seeing traditional beauty and historical sites, you are free to explore the advancement of Saudi Arabia. And it's relevant to both visitors and pilgrims in the same way.

Cities like Riyadh and Jeddah are famous for their modern development. Since these cities play their role as tourist attractions, they match the modern interests of visitors. High-rising buildings, modern architecture, and thoughtful attractions make them unique.

Not only this, these destinations lie closer to pilgrimage sites. Therefore, it's easier to plan a short trip to Jeddah or Riyadh for pilgrims. That's why, Umrah packages also include these tours as part of the plan to facilitate pilgrims at best. If you are a resident of United States, then you can purchase Umrah from any Trusted Umrah Travel Agency USA at the cheaper prices.

7. Shopping and Souks

Shopping is an essential component of our trip to foreign countries. We all want to buy things unique to that visiting place. After all, it helps us remember our trip later. So, the same happens with Saudi Arabia as well. The Kingdom strives to provide the best shopping experience to visitors. In the form of modern malls and international stores, Saudi Arabia serves visitors at best.

Not only visitors, but pilgrims also enjoy shopping in Saudi Arabia. And it's important as well. Pilgrims shop souvenirs for loved ones. For pilgrims, Saudi Arabia has Souks to provide a traditional shopping experience to pilgrims.

These marketplaces contain everything from spices, dates, jewelry, and handicrafts to dry fruits and plant oils. Therefore, one can also travel to Saudi Arabia to experience shopping there. That's why, Saudi Arabia should be your next travel destination for sure.

8. Outdoor Activities

Saudi Arabia entertains visitors in many ways. It offers historical landmarks to explore. It provides open places to spend quality time. It's a home to natural views that are worth capturing. In short, Saudi Arabia is known for its outdoor activities. These activities include camping, paragliding, skydiving, sand boarding, and many more.

For instance, historical sites allow you to try camping, fact-digging, and stargazing under the wide sky. High mountains and valleys offer you to experience climbing, hiking, and paragliding. Besides, you can also sit back and relax observing the calm nature.

Similarly, modern places like Jeddah and Riyadh encourage you to try water activities like fishing, boating, and snorkeling. These are also the places to try authentic meals and experience shopping there.

In short, visitors have a variety of activities to experience in Saudi Arabia. It just depends on their interests and budget all the way.

9. Religious Significance

Saudi Arabia gives rise to the Islamic religion. It's the birthplace of our beloved holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed. Therefore, Saudi Arabia is a dream land for Muslims. Besides, visiting Saudi Arabia is also part of the Islamic Ibadah and rituals. For instance, Hajj and Umrah are two aspects of pilgrimage that bring Muslims closer to Allah.

In religious terms, Makkah and Madinah dominate. These cities attract crowds of pilgrims every year and thus contribute to the economy of Saudi Arabia.

Umrah deals like the 10 Nights 4 star Umrah package facilitate pilgrims throughout the journey.

So, if you want to complete your spiritual goals, mark Saudi Arabia as your next travel destination this year.

10. Easy Travel and Visa Process

As you know Saudi Arabia promotes tourism, it's obvious that it facilitates visitors a lot. For instance, Saudi Arabia streamlines the process of visa application and approval for visitors. The purpose is to make their arrangements easier and hassle-free.

Similarly, traveling in the country is also easier for outsiders. The organized infrastructure and roads streamline the travel of visitors in Saudi Arabia. In addition, you can also switch between different transport options as per your budget.

In short, Saudi Arabia provides multiple reasons to choose it as your next travel destination. So, why late? Plan your journey now and live it your way.