Pho-nomenal Eats: Exploring the Best of Vietnamese Cuisine at Nho Saigon, BKC.

Are you ready to take your taste buds on an adventure that will leave you feeling fully satisfied? Look no further than Vietnamese cuisine! And trust me, I speak from personal experience after indulging in some authentic dishes at Nho Saigon, BKC.  So, sit tight, and let me take you on a delicious journey.

Enjoy Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine at Nho Saigon, BKC.

We stepped in and instantly embraced the bistro-style relaxation at the charming restaurant. Soaking up the sun streaming through an all-glass facade we looked around to find smartly placed terracotta accents, cozy rattan lights, and an open bar. The inviting vibe was just what we needed on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy a cozy meal for two.

First up from the menu were the avocado rice paper rolls, one of the must try choice from the menu. These rolls were filled with crisp vegetables and fresh avocado, all wrapped up in a delicate rice paper wrapper. 

Avocado Rice Paper Rolls at Nho Saigon, BKC

Moreover, paired with a peanut sauce and Vietnamese style tamarind dipping sauce, helped add the perfect touch of sweetness and savory flavor to the rolls.

Next, we tried the Tamarind Prawns, which were undoubtedly the star of the show. The prawns were cooked to perfection, with a sweet and sour glaze that was both tangy and spicy at the same time. 

Tamarind Prawns at Nho Saigon, BKC

As a matter of fact, the tamarind flavor was prominent, but not overpowering, and paired perfectly with the tender prawns.

We sipped on Snip-Snap - a delicious nonalcoholic beverage made with lemon grass, ginger, basil and muddles mint with generous flavors of lime.  

We also tried the Hanoi mushrooms- mix of mushrooms sautéed in a delicious soy, ginger and orange sauce. 

Hanoi Mushrooms at Nho Saigon, BKC

The mushrooms were juicy and full of flavor, with just the right amount of seasoning to bring out their natural earthy taste.

Finally, we indulged in some Wok tossed noodles made street-style with wheat noodles and fresh seasonal vegetables. The noodles were thin, well tossed with a slight crunch from the stir-fried vegetables. 

Wok Tossed Noodles at Nho Saigon, BKC

Mildly seasoned, we added a bit of Vietnamese tamarind sauce to bring out savory and sweet flavors.

One of the good restaurants near US consulate, Mumbai, Nho Saigon also serves freshly brewed beers and meads (yes, you heard that right - honey-based booze!), alongside classics from Vietnamese cuisine.

Overall, trying Vietnamese cuisine at Nho Saigon was an incredible experience amplified by the freshness of the ingredients, the unique combination of flavors, and the attention to detail in each dish was truly impressive. 

If you're looking for a new culinary adventure, I highly recommend giving Vietnamese cuisine a try. From rice paper rolls to street-style noodles, every dish is a feast for the senses.

Nho Saigon Booking:

Call  070451 22211 for table bookings and more information.


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