Surprising Bay Leaf (Tejpatta) Health Benefits

A nutrient rich source, bay leaf also known as tejpatta is usually used to flavour a variety of dishes across Indian kitchens. Classified as an herb & not as spice, did you know that bay leaf is a rich source of vitamins like A, C & nutrients like magnesium, potassium & calcium? Bay leaves can be used in fresh, dried or powdered form to flavour rice, curries, stews, sauces, soups & more. Usually overshadowed by more popular spices & herbs, bay leaves are brimming with health benefits. Let's look at some surprising bay leaf (tejpatta) health benefits.

Health benefits of bay leaf (tejpatta):

Helps improve digestive health:

Feelings of bloatiness, constipation, flatulance can be tackled by addition of bay leaf to cooked dishes. Research shows that this herb soothes digestive issues by keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

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Rich source of nutrients:

With a rich nutritional profile that includes Vitamin A, C & nutrients like magnesium, potassium & calcium, bay leaf helps keep the heart healthy, cure respiratory issues. In addition, it also plays a part in controlling feelings of anxiety & stress. 

Helps treat diabetes:

Some studies show that bay leaves play a role in regulating blood sugar levels. As a result, this may have a positive effect on diabetes management. However, do check with your doctor before including bay leaf in your daily diet.  

Good For Hair Health:

Regular consumption of bay leaf is considered good for hair as it may reduce hair fall. Moreover, to get rid of dandruff steep a few leaves in water, cool, filter & wash hair with this decoction. Next, shampoo & condition hair as usual.

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Helps reduce oxidative stress:

Bay leaf is a rich source of antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress. Further, this reduces free radicle damage which in turn helps prevent diseases including cancer.

Ginger & bay leaf tea benefits:

Adding ginger to bay leaf tea is a great way to double it's benefits. It improves the digestive system & prevents constipation. Also, it helps reduce stress. Studies indicate that tea made with bay leaf may curb frequent migraine attacks. Additionally, a lot of health sites recommend starting the day with this tea as it may stimulate appetite & contains diuretic properties. 

Spiritual benefits of bay leaf:

Many believe that bay leaf helps manifest wishes. Furthermore, one can write their wishes directly on a bay leaf & carry them in purses/wallets to attract wealth & prosperity. Keeping them under the pillow at night also leads to wish manifestation. 

Burning bay leaf benefits:

Many believe that burning bay leaf may banish negativity & invokes feelings of calm. Strangely enough, this may be true due to the presence of certain chemicals (primarily linalool) which when released on burning, calm the mind. However, more concrete research needs to be registered in this regard.

What are the side effects of bay leaf?

Certain studies indicate that it may not be advisable to ingest bay leaf. As a matter of fact, they may cause drowsiness in a few. Hence, discard it once your dish is cooked. Moreover, even crushed bay leaves may impart a very gritty & rough texture to your dishes. In conclusion, the best way to use bay leaf is to simmer/cook them & discard just before serving.


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