Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves & How to Use in Daily Diet

Did you know that cloves have been used traditionally as medicine rather than spice? As a matter of fact, even today, they are used to treat tooth pain, soothe digestive issues & boost immunity. Loaded with important minerals like manganese & vitamins, cloves are a key ingredient across Indian kitchens. 

Furthermore, cloves provide a healthy dose of antioxidants, helps maintain bone health & also cure minor infections like cough & cold. This wonderful spice can be added to biryani, pulao, sauces, curries, herbal teas to impart warm & sweet flavours. 

Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves 

Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves:

Boosting Immunity:

Cloves posses anti bacterial & anti viral properties that help fight common infections including common cold, cough, flu. Further, the presence of eugenol also helps boost immunity. This spice helps in blood purification & reduce toxicity which in turn helps in better overall health.

Wholesome Nutritional Profile:

The presence of calcium, phosphorous, manganese along with dietary fiber & vitamin K makes cloves one of the most healthiest spice. Also, the presence of antioxidants, eugenol & gallic acid help reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals. So, why wait? Try including this healthy spice in whole or powdered form in your daily diets.

Helps Protect Against Cancer:

Studies show that cloves posses anticarcinogenic properties that may help prevent cancer. Although, more research will prove to be beneficial in this regard.

Good For Bones:

Want healthy bones? Try eating cloves. Consumption of this healthy spice, helps increase the mineral content of the bones, leading to better bone health. In fact, people suffering from osteoporosis are advised to include cloves in their diet. 

Helps Maintain Digestive Health:

When ingested, cloves help soothe digestive issues & treat gas, flatulency & bloating. Eating cloves help in enzyme secretion that leads to better digestion. Moreover, cloves are highly beneficial in treating nausea. 

Benefits of cloves to a woman:

The antioxidants present in cloves, help fight free radical damage that leads to better health. Importantly, antioxidants help prevent damage to skin cells, which results in healthy younger looking skin. The anti bacterial properties help tackle minor skin infections too!

Benefits of drinking clove water:

Studies show that drinking clove water may help boost immunity & keep minor infections like flu at bay. Additionally, it also helps prevent free radical damage due to it's antioxidant properties. Cloves also contain important minerals like manganese that helps improve brain function, vitamin k that helps in blood clotting, calcium for healthy bones & teeth. 

How to use cloves in daily diet:

Whole cloves can be added to variety of dishes to enjoy their many health benefits. Try adding them to homemade herbal teas , savory preparations like curries, use them in baked goodies, rice preparations & more. Powdered form of this spice can be used to make homemade garam masala, tea masala, kitchen king masala. 

Benefits of cloves sexually:

According to research, cloves ay help in preventing premature ejaculation. Furthermore, they are known to possess aphrodisiac properties. This spice helps reduce feelings of anxiety & stress that may lead to better performance. 

How much cloves is safe?

The eugenol present in cloves may irritate a few. Consume in moderate quantities to benefit from its anti- bacterial properties. Moreover, consult you doctor/dietician before starting any regime like consumption of clove water.

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