Top Trends in Kitchen Tools You Need to Purchase

Trends in kitchen tools come and go, but some of the most effective ones stay for good. If you’re checking out what modern kitchen tools are ideal for less hassle cooking, then discover these modern kitchen trends and the gadgets that were designed to extend comfort in daily lives.

Smart kitchen tools: Everything is “smart” these days and can be connected to your home via a virtual assistant like Alexa or directly to your phone. Imagine having control over the temperature of your coffee cup at all times (say goodbye to coffee-turned-cold forever). Yes, it’s already available in the market. See Ember Smart mug as an example. Other examples include: 

KIGI Food storage - This app-controlled container keeps track of the conditions of food you stored. You’ll receive shelf-life reminders via your app. 

Smart refrigerators - Almost all refrigerator brands have their own smart ref with features ranging from connecting menus, calendars on the touchscreen hub, to the ability to see your ref inside. You can connect many third-party apps like Pinterest, Spotify, Amazon, etc. to your ref and use them while cooking, baking, or hanging out near the ref.   

Digital scales - Gone are the days that you can only find what food items weigh. The modern scales could also measure nutritional data, such as macros, and even connect to other fitness apps like Fitbit or Apple Health. There’s even a digital scale from Vitamix that helps you create perfectly mixed cocktails, shakes, and other juices every time. 

Digital electric smokers - Imagine smoking meat for weeks and being notified via your phone of its process without checking them yourself. You’ll be able to control everything from temperature to processing time from a distance. 

Eco-friendly kitchen tools: Many tools are invented using environmental friendly materials for two reasons: 

Manufacturers discovered that using biodegradable materials like bamboo can significantly reduce production costs. So will green packaging. 

Consumers try to change habits and become more conscious of the products they support. 

For example, if you use straws at home, you can switch them out to stainless steel straws and other reusable straws. 

Bamboo is biodegradable and has been used in many kitchen products like cutting boards, sponges, cutlery, etc. Take note of this when replacing your kitchen tools. 

The only thing missing with eco-friendly trends is kitchen electronics - you simply cannot build a food processor or toaster oven out of environmental friendly materials. 

Minimalist kitchen equipment: The minimalist trend is exactly what you think it is. 

Because minimalist kitchens are all about scaling back or “doing more with less clutter,” you can expect space-saving kitchen appliances. Any gadget or tool added to the kitchen also follows a particular theme, whether sticking to an industrial wood-metal look or choosing equipment with sleek lines or a matching color accent. 

Examples of kitchen tools that embrace the minimalist approach include: 

Uniform spice jars with labels

Wooden storage (napkin holders

Silverware, cutlery, knives 

Pantry organizer or container

Knife rack 

A set of food processor, blender, microwave oven, stand mixer and other kitchen appliance in stainless steel finish

Sometimes, minimalism may lean towards the look of natural materials. Some minimalist kitchens use either copper, bamboo, reclaimed hardwood, or other rustic materials, pairing the big pieces like a dining table with smaller items like coasters, can openers, storage jars, and so on.

Other times, people go with space-saving kitchen tools to get the minimalist kitchen look. When this is the case, they opt for the smallest blenders, going with immersion blenders instead of a food processor, buying single-cup coffee makers, and so on. 

Like most interior design themes, you define what you think minimalism is, and how far you’d want to incorporate this kitchen trend into your own home. 

Kitchen tools for the health-conscious: 

Many pieces of kitchen equipment are designed with the health-conscious as its target market. Think of multipurpose modern juicers, non-stick pots and pans, the recent popularity of the airfryer, and so on. 

The health-conscious kitchen tools do not even have to be focused on cooking. Many tools are invented to help a consumer prep food quicker. Salad choppers, multipurpose vegetable slicers, oil sprayers, or dehydrators are just a few examples of food prep tools geared towards healthy eating. 

This is just the same as hydration-encouraging products, such as infusion bottles or filtration equipment, 

Like the other trends in kitchen tools that I’ve listed above, health-oriented tools tend to have a longer lifespan (if not forever) after being launched in the market. This trend is here to stay; Consumers will always try to eat healthily, cook healthier food, or make their diet meal prepping much faster with kitchen tools. 

There are kitchen tools that combine two or more of these trends. For example, the smart Instant Pot can be considered as a smart kitchen tool and equipment for the health-conscious. 


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